Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Best Dressed Lady Of The Week

I was kind of surprised when our ex-Miss World decided to go to a foreign country in a desi dress. This is at the Ferragamo Shoe Museum in Italy where she had her feet measured for wooden lasts! Her foot impression will be there alongwith other famous personalities and she's the only Indian after the Maharani of Cooch Behar (don't laugh) to have had this good fortune.

Makes me wonder... what exactly did she do to make the Ferragamos believe that she's the one Indian worthy of this honour after so many years? Anyway, good for her!

An expert shoemaker measuring her feet to make wooden lasts :

And now for some fashionable fun! I am a fan of BIG earrings. All those girls out there can you guess which Bollywood celebrity's earrings have been showcased below ?

Guys can also try ;)


  1. first!

    now u wont complain ;)

    n abt priyanka, am sure she has huge feet.. am glad they dint choose shilpa shetty though :D

    i LIKE the li'l game tht u've put up.. Kareena Kapoor? (pls god, dont lemme b wrong) ;)

  2. hi... first time im coming here and i really liked your blog...

    im still wondering why priyanka when there are so many better people.. :O

  3. whoz d hottest girl in d world...
    my desi desi girl :D :D

  4. i like priyanaka. .so i like Ferragamo Shoe Museum as well :P lol

    lot of ear rings!! wonder who they are :)i liked the big one [second from last] the best :D

  5. Hmm.. She had to wear a desi dress after "desi gal" hit!! ;)

    I am happy for her. She is a good actress.

    About the earrings.. errr not my department! :P

  6. I luuuurrrrvvvv priyanka.. :p
    Yeah,the earrings look good on her,so it shub on u too..Try them out and let us see how they look.. !! :D

    Take care sissy.. :)


  7. Lol.. no guesses.. ? :(

    Sumaiya - No it's not Kareena's earrings... :D

    Sameera- No need to like the earrings yaar... just guess who the person is ;) (yeah, its a single person)

    To all the guys - You guys liking Priyanka somehow doesn't surprise me :P Priyanka has more guy fans than gal fans... Preity rocks though :D

  8. she is cute :)

    a nice collage of earrings too :)

    take care mate... cheers...

  9. Those are Aishwarya Rai's earrrings..!!

  10. Not Aishwarya either :D Answer will be out tomorrow...

  11. i loove priyanka chopra too.. she has spunk!! :) and no guesses.. i suck at these things..

  12. Priyanks is looking real nice in the pic....

    And I too suck at guessing anything that is even remotely close to jewellery. :(

    Waiting for the answer. :)


  13. The earring collection belongs to Sonam Kapoor!


  14. priyanka is cool! yo big earings reely look cool!

    sonam looks cool in them!

  15. i cant decide when it comes to bollywood.
    though hollywood is so full of em!

  16. i dunno abt priyanka

    but yes am a big fan of long earings ;)

  17. crap i thought they were kareena's :(
    nice a huge priyanka fan..can go lesbian for her and preity zinta re :D
    but why her of all the actresses? :O
    ur a bollywood boss huh :D :O :D know all such stuff... :D cool re..


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