Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And the award goes to....



Destiny's child has given me this prestigious award! I feel like I have got the Oscars (of blogdom, of course!). Since this is my first award (and hopefully, not the last) I would like to thank a few peepulzzz.

1. My relatives (for NOT reading my blog... which allows me to bitch about them whenever I want to. Ooops! This doesn't make me sound so cute, does it ?)

2. Destiny's Child, of course, for giving me this award and who thought I was perfect for this role of 'cute blogger'.

3. Myself, for being so cute.

4. The Almighty, for making me so cute!

5. My parents, for bringing such a cute person like me into this world!

And last, but definitely not the least...

6. My friends, whose belief in my cuteness always motivated me to improve it further!

I have to write 10 cute things about myself. This part got me into a state of 'Errr...' which is very difficult to express in words. I have always been terrible at bragging (as can be seen from the above 6 points). A major reason why I always suck at job interviews! So I decided to take help from my two very best friends - S1 & S2. To make it easier for em, I decided each should just point out five cute things about me. Here's what S1 came up with -

1. You are an innocent devil.

2. You are down to earth (S1... I don't think I will be so down to earth anymore after getting this award ;))

3. Under construction

4. Under construction

5. Under construction

Looks like S1 is in the same state of 'Err', as I was, when I got tagged to write cute things about myself. S2 is still thinking and I can picture her looking towards the heavenly stars trying to come up with atleast 'one' cute pointer about me. Aaah, I feel so mysterious ;)

So, I am genuinely going to skip that part of the tag coz well... seriously, I can't come up with any !!!
I guess I have to pass on this award now ? :(

I grudgingly pass this on to sawan, arv, mayz, sameera, multimenon and hemu.


  1. hahahahha...if not for points 3-5 u deserve this award for atleast this post...

    n thnx for passin it on...i literally had to snatch it from ya :D :D

  2. Congrats Dear.:)

  3. yipeee!!

    Thanks! :)

    Innocent devil-- hmm need to think about that. ;)

    Relatives- I bitch about them too. :O

  4. wow..... Congrats & Thankkkkkkkuuuuuuuuu for passing it to me :)

    lol @ s1&2... under construction and still thinking... lol...

    and I agree with your #1... am happy they dont read my stuff much... :)

    take care mate... have a nice day... cheers...

  5. hey congrates :) :)

  6. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  7. Congrats on the award. Haven't read much of yours. But with the award, you have set my expectations high ! :)

  8. Congratulations for the award chechi..You indeed will be blessed wid many more am sure.Raka is a sweetheart too..You are indeed delectably cute.. :)

    TY for passing it hun.. :) tht does mean quite a lot to me.. :D

    Take care sissy,coz I care..


  9. you have your relatives' email ids? please send them to me...

  10. @Chriz - am sure they don't check their emails often... lol... but still i will be safe here than sorry!!!

  11. hahah cmon you are cute even when you bitch..makes you a cute n spicy blogger... way to go and more awards on your way..its a matter of time... congrats... :) :P

  12. thanks soo much dhanya :)...i will put it asap..



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