Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The year that went by...

2008 - the last year I spent with my parents in Bahrain. Sadly, that is the only thing that reminds me of 2008 and which seems to over shadow everything else that happened over the year. As each month passed, I would keep telling myself '10 months left... 8 months left...4 months.... 3... 2... 1...'

There were times when I used to wonder why my parents even wanted to leave Bahrain and settle down at a place where you don't usually go out after 8 P.M, where the power goes at the most crucial moments, where mosquitoes are just dying to get you and where its dangerous for girls to hang out at night. Even though I loved India when I studied there, I always used to look forward to coming back here during EVERY single vacation I got. It's my home away from home. Lots of memories attached. I love the freedom I get here and the fact that a dozen ppl aren't staring at me when I wear my jeans ;)

Now, its almost time to leave... and it feels like an end of an era. Life changes completely when you just have realised what your life is all about. But thats how life always has been... unpredictable. The people who keep saying you write your own destiny.. seriously don't know what they are talking about. Your life seems to have a mind of its own. You plan something... and it goes the other way. You think something will happen... and something else happens. Thats what makes life so interesting. The twists and turns.

2008 was filled with twists and turns for me. The usual highs and lows. More the lows than the highs. There were times when I got so depressed dealing with things and wondered whether my life was worth all this ? That shouldn't I be living my life on my own terms instead of following others and making myself unhappy ? I guess the later half of 2008 was spent in dealing with these emotions and somehow succumbing to what others believe is right for me....

Later on, maybe I will feel everything that happened has happened for the best. Right now, I feel very neutral about things. Maybe because 2008 was such a difficult year for me. Maybe because I still miss 2008 for some things. Maybe because I wanted something else and something else is happening. There's nothing time can't change.

Hopefully, I will train my stubborn mind and the adamant 'red pump' to adapt to the changes thats going to happen in 2009..