Friday, November 14, 2008

Things like these make my day!

> It feels great to be compared to someone so famous as... Donald duck. Why why why ? But according to G, I am not the only one who looks like this famous character. So does Prachi Desai and Dia Mirza. I feel blessed :)

> Trust Sumi to come up with new plans. Madam sees every movie at home whereas me, moi, myself likes to go for every boring Hindi movie in theatre. But this time she does want to go to a movie hall... to watch one that so appeals to me. It is a love story between a girl and a vampire. Good looking vampire at that. Aah, finally a dreamy love story in which you can comprehend why the heroine spends sleepless nights in her chamber. She is thinking about love bites, you see ;)

> I hate all this shopping for India. Anything that reminds me of going back is dealt with a frown. And of course, change of topics.

Ma - "You like this torch we got today? Will be useful when there are power cuts in Kerala"

Me - "Whats for lunch?"

Ma - "You like this fan ? It works on batteries as well so when there are power cuts in Kerala, you can still use this"

Me - "Whats for dinner?"

Ma - "You like all these shiny paper plates and cups ? We got it so that we can serve food in them in kerala for prospective grooms and in-laws"

Me - "Ayyyooooo... it is so cold here. Weather changing no, ma?"

A highly frustrated mom walks away.

As you can see... change of topics. ;)