Friday, November 07, 2008

East or West... Mallus are the pests ?? :-(

I hate it when people crib about Keralites in our local Bahrain newspapers. They just go on and on about how Keralites are selfish, self centred and how they think Kerala is a country by itself. I remember one of the letters said 'If you ask a Keralite where they are from, they will say they are from Kerala.. and not India'.

I mean, honestly, even if we do... the same goes for people from other states too. I am sure Raj Thackeray agrees. At the moment, if anybody were to ask that 'Indian (?)' where he is from.. I am sure he will say he's from Mumbai and that Mumbai should be separated from rest of the states in India. Yea, I think so too. It should be located far far away from India and the other states. Not that I have anything against Mumbai. But our dear Mr. Raj Thackeray would then be at peace since not every lay person from other states can get into Mumbai. It will just be Mumbai and the Mumbaikars. Blah! Dunno how many of you have seen Sarkar Raj. But this guy seems totally influenced by it. He's the goonda of the nation. A goonda who seems to have many followers. Shame on him! Not because he doesn't consider himself as an Indian, but because he didn't leave even leave Amitabh Bachchan alone. He seems to have forgotten that all his ideas came from Bachchan's character in a movie. Raj, you should be worshipping this man instead. You should put a large portrait of his and do pooja everyday. You should be thanking him for being your mentor.

Phew! Looks like I got carried away when I started typing 'Raj Thackeray'. Let's get back to Keralites, shall we ? We are the butt of everyone's jokes. Not just Keralites. Sardars obviously top. Followed closely by Keralites & Tamilians. Apart from the jokes, its so sad that many Indians dunno even how to spell Kerala properly. Its usually 'Karela', 'Kerela', 'Kerla'. Sighhhhh!

Coming back to the complaints in the local newspaper about Lola kuttys and the Lola kuttans of India, I got so pissed off that I sent a big letter (as a very good patriot.. yes yes, thank you very much) to stop all the cribbing about us. And why it takes only a cricket match or Olympics to realize we are all Indians ?

Recently, I was on my way back home from work. I was talking to this guy in my transport who is a North Indian. He asked me why I didn't speak Hindi. I told him I have no problem understanding anything in Hindi and that am actually a bigggg fan of Hindi movies, but the only problem is I never had the confidence to speak in Hindi because I always got the gender wrong. My God! Everything in Hindi has a gender. From rivers, to trees... to even tables. And I don't like getting genders wrong :P Who am I to change the gender of things ? That's why I don't converse in Hindi. He then asked me where I was from. I told him I am from Kerala.


Then the guy turns to this other guy 'See, this is the problem with Mallus. They never say they are from India'!!

Nightmares in letters converted to reality... *sighhhh*