Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Observations on a humid 'Dandiya' night

The only thing I feel like doing now is cutting off my nose. The mere mentioning of someone getting sick seems to be enough for my immune system to lose its power. At the moment am very very angry with this system of mine. I wish it was right here in front of me so that I can yell and throw stuff at it. But then again, if such a thing was to happen it would yell right back at me complaining about my lack of exercise, eating too much junk food etc etc..

Prior to me getting sick, the weekend was a very eventful one. I was feeling a lil feverish and was dead scared I might end up falling sick on the day ILA (Indian Ladies Association) decided to organise the Dandiya nite. Thankfully, my immune system was compassionate enough to let me enjoy for a day or more before it decided to nail me down. I got to meet my good friend there after a very long time. I must say I make a very awful dance partner and had hit her fingers once or twice. I couldn't exactly make out what she was feeling that time but her expression went like 'I would have kicked you, but since we are meeting after a long time I will just smile instead'. Thanks gal ;) (You know who you are)

The good part is I got to see different kinds of people there. The kind who came only to be with their 'special' partners. The kind who came just for dandiya. The kind who only did the Bhangra (weird but true). The kind who kept jumping up and down for no reason. And those who came just to stare at these other kinds. These last kind of people are very amusing. Really. They will do one fancy dance step and then look around to see if any attractive person around happened to catch their splendid move. If not... try try again until you succeed.

And then there were the parents who were perched on a podium way above the dancing floor. Looking with keen eyes and following the movements of their sons and daughters. God bless those youngsters who were caught doing things they werent supposed to do.

In case you are wondering what kind I belong to. I belong to the observing kind. Quite a curious, lil cat, I am! Hmm... or I might even qualify as a curious George. Upto you :-)