Monday, September 29, 2008

Cartoons, anyone ?

If you are a fan of political humour, then Vikram Nandwani's cartoons are the one for you! Even if you aren't, am sure you will love them. They don't appear tacky (somehow all Indian cartoons tend to) and the content is hilarious. Enjoy!

Here's my personal favorite :

Friday, September 26, 2008

Movies, masti... and NDTV!

I watch TV for a reason. Only for one reason. For pure feel good entertainment. I don't want to cry while am watching it. I detest most of the soaps they air on TV for this reason. They seem stuck with the typical Ekta Kapoor saas-bahu serials even if the mentor seems to have moved ahead with better plots herself.

Nor am I much of a fan of comedy shows - comedy circus, the great Indian laughter challenge... whatever. One time I sat down to see them (after many recommendations) the result was well... confusing. I just remember staring at the screen (maybe with few question marks hovering around my head) while sidhu just laughed on and on.. and on. I don't get the jokes in Hindi with their double meanings or maybe there wasn't any double meaning at all. Dhanya, being the big high funda tubelight that she is, finds it much better to switch to more understandable topics than wreck her brains over something that she will never ever be able to get the gist of.

Am totally in awe of people who stare at the stock updates on TV with full anticipation because I don't understand the a-b-c of it. I gather its all about buying and selling of stocks in accordance to decrease and increase of market prices. But whats with all those points they show on TV? Numbers always used to scare me... oh well. If anyone has the patience to explain all that to me, please feel welcome to do so. And when you are emailing me, please do NOT go greedy with details. Thank you.

So what exactly do I enjoy on television ? Apart from apna Indian movies, there are other actual real life entertainment to look out for too..

For example

- Zardari flirting with 'gorgeous' and 'huggable' Palin. Now, why would he do that ? Does he see his Benazir Bhutto in her ? Doesn't he know that she's married ? Or does he feel... kuch bhi chalega now that he's single... and obviously ready to mingle ?

-Lindsay Lohan admitting shes going out with Samantha Ronson and blasting her father off in her online blog. Wah wah! So, apparently she went out with dozens of guys before realising shes a lesbian. As if life wasn't confusing enough....

-The Big Bang experiment! If they are trying to recreate something that made the universe, are we in for some big trouble or what ?

As you can see, news can be very very interesting. Who needs soaps when there's NDTV 24x7 ?

Talking about NDTV... I simply love it! I watch it more than other channels nowadays. I am a hugggeee fan of Prannoy Roy. Not cos hes the founder of NDTV. But because he's the only guy I have seen who looks soooo damn good with a beard :-) But sadly he doesn't appear much. We have Miss (yeah, she's still a miss) Burkha Dutt who keeps talking non-stop and doesn't give anyone else an iota of chance (check out the debates). But that doesn't hide the fact that shes so knowledgeable about things. We have a Swati Maheshwari who looks very similar to Soha Ali Khan. And we have a lot more others whose names I don't remember but all of whom have an incredible fashion sense, fantastic hair styles, and a personality to boot ;)

Style with substance... what more can you ask for ?

Go NDTV!!!!

P.S - Am not working for NDTV.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Spirit of Onam.. and Ramadan.

Happy Onam!

Onam has interloped with Ramadan this time around… which thankfully has reduced the consumption of alcohol (somewhat) amidst the Hindu community in Bahrain. I know some of the guys right now are just hoping against hope that they were living somewhere out of the Gulf just for this month. But of course, there are some others who were prepared for this and have stocked away enough vellam that would ensure them sailing smooth for this entire month.

In Kerala, the sale is expected to reach a whopping 200 crore during this 10 day festival. Some of the workers are going to spent more on liquor than on food. I still haven’t figured out what men find in these tasteless fluids. Ok, I have tasted it all. Just a sip.. to see what the fuss is all about*. And they are good for just that – a sip. So I am just assuming the only reason for people to get so enthu about alcohol is coz apparently it gives them a ‘high’.

I can’t believe I started with wishing you all a happy Onam and ended up talking about alcohol. Aah, the spirit of Onam ;) Lets get to the good things… the feast, the pookalams, the happiness… which can be experienced only if you are in India. So I won’t be getting too much into that. I will not be having any Onam sadhya for lunch this time around coz my mom is in India and being Ramadan season we can’t order any sadhyas from outside either. So please please please eat your scrumptious lunch keeping me in mind….!!!!

What I did get to have is Bahraini food at Diplomat hotel yesterday. It was an Ifthar party. My first! Family friends invited us. We (me & dad) took this as an excuse for not cooking and headed out without any hesitation. It was an all you can eat buffet costing 11 BD per person (approx. 1300 rupees.) A lil too much. But who cares ? We weren’t paying for it :P The food was oohhhhkay. Nothing great. Bahraini food tends to be either too sour or too sweet. The grilled chicken was too rubbery which couldn’t be cut apart even with a sharp knife. My friend saw me struggling with it and then whispered to me ‘Don’t even try cutting that. I already did, and gave up.’

The biriyani was nice though, so was the falafel and samosas (samboosas as they call it). A slice of black forest cake along with Rose sherbet filled up the last tiny space left in my stomach.

So now its back to noodles, sandwiches, hotel food in case the experiments in the kitchen turn out to be disastrous. *Sigh*


*To my future childen : Your mommy wasn’t a drunkard. I bet she is now.. looking after your irritating, heartless, ‘no time for me’ father. Everyone used to talk to me about their husbands in that way, so am assuming your father is the same. But do tell him, I like him anyway…