Saturday, August 02, 2008

Those ugly days

I had the good fortune to view some of my yesteryears childhood videos. Oh my god! They were taken during what one may call 'the ugly phase'. I had the BIGGEST of glasses. My teeth protruded. I looked like a skeleton. I was there... sitting in one corner looking bored and disinterested. Wanted to kick myself and say 'Get up from ur seat and go play with others!'.

I looked and acted entirely innocent, depending on my elder sis for the smallest of things. I am sure all of you had one of those days in the past where you absolutely abhored the way you looked. Except maybe those useless people who looked great from day one. Now I know (and hope) that I don't look anything like how I did in my childhood days. I am of medium structure now, my glasses are still there but not that big and since I have gained weight my teeth doesnt look like they are gonna pop out anymore. So just to reassure myself I ask my mom :

Me : Don't I look better than THAT now ? (pointing to myself in the video)
Ma : No.. you look the same...
Me : AH! :(

Then I turn to my dad :

Me : Don't I ? Don't I ? (desperate for a 'yes')
Pa : Of course you look entirely different... you look nicer...
Me : Ah! :D

I used to be the ugly duckling of the house. I had rude relatives who used to tell me that and who would tell ma 'Hopefully.. she will look better as years go on... remember how cute she looked when she was a baby? So its there in her somewhere'. Damn you ppl! I show them the middle finger right here in this blog where they can't see me :P

Maybe its cos of all those 'being ugly' days that I find it difficult to accept compliments now. Its just a case of 'awww.. they are just being nice'. But I appreciate them nonetheless :D

I love me now! I didnt love me then which was a problem. I tried hard to please everyone. Now am a lil selfish which is perfect for living in this big bad world.

Remember no one can make u feel inferior without your consent (which by the way happens to be my wallpaper quote at the moment). Cheers! :)