Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Birthday Eve

I had the best ever!

Grreeattt surprise gifts from family, a great party and loads and loads of love totally made my day!

I don't feel too bad turning a year older cos of that ;) Yay!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The funniest email I have ever got...

dear gal,

hey....i am raj working as an executive in a reputed bank in might be wondering what is the purpose of this anonymous mail....but trust me it's not any bad have captured my attention when i saw you once from car near a traffic signal....i presume it was your dad who was with you....and you might be wondering how i got your mail address.....i heard your dad calling your name and i searched for your name and bahrain in orkut and fetched the address....hence there is no hiding details and messing things up from my part.....i have told you frankly about how i went about in tracking your mail.

now let me put things straight....i find you very hot and interesting...and i really wish to know you more and if possible look for a straight relationship. I am unmarried male of 26 yrs 5'10' athletic body quite fair and reasonable looks....i am a post graduate by qualification.....i have never been a girls man and mind you i am no skirt chaser either...a clean virgin till don't take me for a damn flirt disturbing you....

i found you very hot and cute and hence i just got an interest in knowing you more and if everything works out i don't mind a log term relation...

and if you find this mail very disturbing and not a wee bit interested in chatting openly with me(thru messenger or so) you can reply straight stating that leave me alone....i won't disturb you any further.....thats a word....and don't worry i wont ask for mobile numbers and addresses unless you like me.....i just want tell you what i feel about you when i get an opportunity to chat.......thats it.....

don't leave this mail ignored please......respond with a yes or no as you wish......
looking forward to chat with you dear gal....

love and regards

I have got many emails from strangers before asking for a friendship request. But this one takes the cake. I have to tell you I am very impressed with the spelling of this guy. He got it all right! No spelling mistakes... and he hasn't used any abbreviations! Thank God! Usually the requests go something like this 'hi.. mke frnship wit me.. i m very gud guy'. *sigh*

I did reply saying I found his email very funny. I wonder why he didn't respond to that :P

Shucks... and I was looking forward to a funnier explanation....

The Mission W

I might get a warning letter soon from my work place for taking too much leave. After being the eternal good girl at school and college (well.. not so much at college), I am really looking forward for this one.

Watch this space.

If you want to embarrass me in front of public please do refer to this as 'The Mission W'.

Make things easier for me, will ya ??

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yay! 100!

This is my 100th post. Yippeeee doodle dooo :D

Blogging since 2005. Was reading some of em right now and couldnt believe how immature I was reacting to some situations. Wouldn't like to mention which posts just in case you go back and read em again. Am quite embarrassed about them but I choose not to delete em off.

The whole purpose of this blog was to record stuff and do what I did just today - reminiscing and understanding how gullible and silly one can be. I can't say am not gullible or immature anymore.. but I think am a tad better. Maybe whatever I am writing now will be considered as childish later on (by myself). But right now, I just think am very funny ...

This way I kind of know how I am changing... how my views change, how my passion in life changes.. how everything is constantly changing and you are not even aware of it yourself. I can pinpoint certain things in my 2005 posts and say 'Oh my god.. I don't feel like that anymore'.

So am glad am still blogging and am glad I have those few good friends who are glad am blogging too.. who encourage me to do it.

My own little world is changing. I dunno what it has in store of me. God knows what all this blog must have recorded ten years from now. Lets wait and see...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Generation Next

My 6 year old niece keeps pestering me to put on F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Whatever happened to cartoons ?

Ask her who the characters are and she rattles them off as if she has been seeing them her whole life! Her favorite ones are Chandler and Phoebe. The enthusiastic little girl chirps to her mommy :

Star : Rachel stands naked in her building and Ross sees her!
Star's Ma : What ? (looks at me)
Me : (Looks somewhere else)
Star : And Ross comes to the building. He starts removing his clothes.
Star's Ma : What ? (Looks at me again)
Me : No he does not ! He just removes his shoes!
Star : He removes his coat too (grinning)

When will I be the responsible aunt ?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Anita & Me

I dunno anyone called Anita. Lets get that straight first. Once in a while I like to enjoy those offbeat films ('arty' films for some). I got so fed up with the regular diet of song n dance movies that I just had to see something meaningful AND interesting. I don't seem to enjoy all the sweet candy floss movies anymore. MY GOD! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ME ?

For example : Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na. Almost everyone and anyone enjoyed the movie. I saw it in India itself. With my cousins. I begged one of em to transfer the movie into a pen drive from his college lab computer. I sat down and I was able to predict what was gonna happen during the first few scenes itself i.e, Aditi getting depressed over an animal dying..

Me : Am damn sure, its an animal.. a dog..
Cousin 1 : Hmm... are you sure it isn't a monkey ? (sarcastically)
Me : Or it might be a cat...

Then they reveal the huge portrait of the cat.. and I go 'Aha!!!' at my cousin who stares disgustingly at the screen. So it was more a case of predicting things correctly which was more enjoyable for me than watching the movie. I loved Prateik Babbar's performance though. Even the wife talking to her dead husband's portrait is kind of lifted from the TV series 'Hum Paanch' though in that the roles were reversed - the husband talked to his dead wife.

I didn't like the movie. I was sad I was the only one until Sumaiya voiced the same about the movie. So yay! ;)Soul sistas...

Back to 'Anita & Me'. Its an adaptation of Meera Syal's book. Meera Syal herself appears in the movie as Meena's (the main protagonist) mom's best friend. Its a simple story. Meena is living in Britain and can't seem to understand why her life has to function the way it does. She wants to have fun. She doesn't believe in her roots. She can't understand why she has soooo many relatives who when they come home keep pinching her cheeks till they bleed. She can't speak her mother tongue fluently at all and she's made fun of by her so-called relatives cos of that. She can't understand why she can't have fish fingers and chips for lunch instead of the heavy oil filled dishes her mom lovingly serves her.

In midst of all this commotion, an English girl captures her attention. She tries really hard to befriend her and she succeeds! She sees Anita's (the British girl) way of living.. and slowly but surely, she starts recognising and respecting her own roots.

The only irritating part I found was the British accent. The tone with which Chandeep Uppal (Meena) talks is really really flat. But the film is interesting. I never felt bored even for a moment.

Think am entering into a phase where I am appreciating a different genre of movies. I still go for those lovey dovey type movies thinking I might actually like em but its been a really long time. I think the last one I liked was uh... hmmm...

DDLJ!!!!!!!!!! :-O (seriously, it took me that much time to think..)

So till the time the next DDLJ comes out, its 'prediction' time folks!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How I love a good sense of humour :)

Was reading about NASA discovering water in Mars and then read one of the reader's comments. I just HAD to share this with you ppl...

What is so great about it?


Anand Krish
on Aug 05, 2008 12:06 AM

Let NASA find water in Chennai then I will accept they are great.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Those ugly days

I had the good fortune to view some of my yesteryears childhood videos. Oh my god! They were taken during what one may call 'the ugly phase'. I had the BIGGEST of glasses. My teeth protruded. I looked like a skeleton. I was there... sitting in one corner looking bored and disinterested. Wanted to kick myself and say 'Get up from ur seat and go play with others!'.

I looked and acted entirely innocent, depending on my elder sis for the smallest of things. I am sure all of you had one of those days in the past where you absolutely abhored the way you looked. Except maybe those useless people who looked great from day one. Now I know (and hope) that I don't look anything like how I did in my childhood days. I am of medium structure now, my glasses are still there but not that big and since I have gained weight my teeth doesnt look like they are gonna pop out anymore. So just to reassure myself I ask my mom :

Me : Don't I look better than THAT now ? (pointing to myself in the video)
Ma : No.. you look the same...
Me : AH! :(

Then I turn to my dad :

Me : Don't I ? Don't I ? (desperate for a 'yes')
Pa : Of course you look entirely different... you look nicer...
Me : Ah! :D

I used to be the ugly duckling of the house. I had rude relatives who used to tell me that and who would tell ma 'Hopefully.. she will look better as years go on... remember how cute she looked when she was a baby? So its there in her somewhere'. Damn you ppl! I show them the middle finger right here in this blog where they can't see me :P

Maybe its cos of all those 'being ugly' days that I find it difficult to accept compliments now. Its just a case of 'awww.. they are just being nice'. But I appreciate them nonetheless :D

I love me now! I didnt love me then which was a problem. I tried hard to please everyone. Now am a lil selfish which is perfect for living in this big bad world.

Remember no one can make u feel inferior without your consent (which by the way happens to be my wallpaper quote at the moment). Cheers! :)