Saturday, July 26, 2008


How I wish my body wasn't so sensitive to climate changes...


Friday, July 18, 2008


My India trip went phenomenally well except for the nagging. My mom behaved more like a stepmom around her sisters.

In Bahrain
Me : Ma, I am hungry. Feed me.
Ma : Shyooo, paavam. Let me go get something for you.

In India
Me : Ma, I am hungry. Feed me.
Ma : You spoilt girl! When will you ever learn I can't be there for you always?? Food is there in kitchen. Take it from there.

She then gets back to her fav topic of match making with her siblings. I am already the bad gurl in their eyes considering my long list of demands in comparison to my cousin who is willing to marry a guy who sports a thick moustache, who is 30+ ,who is a complete stranger (that's scary). I had to come to terms with the 'complete stranger' part. But now I am ok with it. No offence to anyone who is reading this blog who happens to have a big moochi but its a no-no for me. Maybe its cos of growing up and studying in a foreign country where most of the guys don't have one. I dunno. So there you are. I am the bad girl who gets weird looks from all around when I refuse a guy.

You can imagine my relief when I got back to Bah from India. I don't have to explain why I didn't like a guy to around 20 people. And those glares... phew! It was a very stressful month for me. I needed a vacation from my vacation!

It wasn't all that bad. I had a blast with cousins who thankfully had other things to talk about. We went to Chavakkad beach and even though one is not advised to step into the water, we had a good time nevertheless enjoying the cool breeze and the sunset. After that we went straight for a movie - Dasavatharam. The movie sucked. The theatre sucked. But we had a nice time commenting.

I went for another movie this time tagged along by mom. We ended up giggling like a bunch of teenagers by the end of the movie cos one of the actors resembled a relative. We ended up picturising him in the movie instead which led to the never ending giggles. Crazy, I know!

I really miss pree. I never got much time with her before cos of her studies but this time she was free. We had long chats about almost anything and everything. It felt nice to share stuff with someone who is in the same phase of life as you are.

I wish I was in a place which had a combination of : The easy life of bahrain + the constant chitter chatter of my cousins + my family. That would have been fun.

*Sigh*... NRI problems...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Indian musings

I miss pree

I miss poocha

I miss my nachu machu pachu

I miss pappoochi

I miss the long endless chats with cousins till 1 am

I miss fighting with my sis ;)

I miss jumping up and down in the rain and getting scolded for it


I don't happen to miss anything else...

In peace at the moment.