Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's happening ?

Once Mike entered my life, I have been really busy. I am not going to play around on who Mike is. HE (don't you dare call him an 'it')is my new Sony Vaio lappy toppy. Didn't get a better name cos of some reasons which I don't want to disclose here but which some of my friends are aware of ;)

I have been admiring the GUI which my Vista had to offer. It's performance is nothing compared to XP I heard but who cares when it looks this good :D Mike's dark, broad n handsome by the way ;) ala Mills n Boons hero.. (skip the tall part)

I am damn protective abt my Mike for now. So in case you are planning to pick him up or examine him you might get a strong disapproving look from me. Call me an obssessed lover if you want to ;)

Other than my lappy toppy something else also has got my attention. The Aarushi case. Yeah I know dozens of kids, adults are getting killed every day maybe in the same manner but this one just stood out. Maybe cos they showed extra footage of how she used to be close to her family and their video clippings. Its sad how a 14 year old had to die so suddenly in such a brutal manner especially when she had such a zest for life.

It does look as if the Noida police got it all wrong. In this case, I am thinking from the heart (don't I always?). Aarushi was born to them after a long time so how can a father kill his one n only daughter and that too by slitting the throat!! Maybe such people do exist but its hard to believe. That too a well educated man who is said to be one of the most famous dentists in Noida. We can see how deep the Noida police is into the case from the way they got the name of the victim wrong during the press conference. 'Shruti' it seems. Bah!

Going to my personal front, my own little world does not exactly feel like heaven right now. But hopefully things will improve. I got some time to read yesterday. Feeling very hesitant to finish Paulo Coelho's book cos its that good. I read only one story per day and they are very inspirational.

It so happens that what I read yesterday was the most suitable for me at this point of life. He mentioned how when things go bad we just lose passion for everything we do. Everything is just half-hearted. But inspite of all that, pray even if you feel like the words don't make sense anymore. Just keep praying. Cos the angels who take messages are just far away or lost sometimes and can't hear us for the moment. But when they are with us, they should hear our prayers. We shouldn't have stopped praying then. And that they will surely help if they hear us. I know some of you might consider this childish, but you have to admit it does make you feel nice. I definitely did and said my small little prayer then and there...

For those idiots who still smoke, please note 31 May is No-tobacco day! Stay away from them as far as possible. Do yourself and the people around you SOME good :P