Friday, April 25, 2008


Lets be frank. I just love Christian weddings! Yes, more than traditional Hindu ones. The beautiful white flowing gowns are the main culprits. What can be more romantic than saying 'I do' to THE special person in your life looking like an absolute angel (even if you aren't one) ;)

I love to flip over bridal mags which showcase numerous gowns. I just ogle at them with a repeated 'Wow!' every time I turn a page. Miss R just insisted I rent a gown after my Hindu wedding and have a Christian wedding too... just for the heck of it! Hmmm....

And you know what's even more romantic ? Having a big fat white wedding in a beach. The most amazing event taking place in the most romantic-est (pardon my English) place ever for me!!!!! White gown, white sand, nature by your side giving you its special blessings.... WOW !!

A white gown
A white dream
Purity of love
From seam to seam

I am dreaming now
Of a white wedding
With the Sun and sand
As the major setting

It's all a dream
Never to come true
Where I stand on the beach
Wistfully saying 'I do'

Friday, April 11, 2008

Politics at work

Something I thought I would never get into. Am not interested in fights... so imagine my own surprise when I got into one. That too at work. You try to be as good as possible.. but then some people just don't allow you to remain so!

There's a major difference in delegation and dumping. Think twice before helping anyone in their work at office. They might just dump you with the entire responsibility the next time. Crap!

Have stopped worrying abt what other ppl think of me at work. The good thing is I have learnt to say 'No'!!

That doesn't mean I am a bad person OK ??? I can still see the faint circular glow around my head.. ;)