Friday, February 29, 2008

Distorted History.. Who cares ?

I got to watch the overtly expensive 'Jodhaa Akbar' with my sis recently. Wasn't expecting much because I am not much of a fan of epic films. To tell you the truth I went just to see what the fuss is all about. The film is getting banned in a lot of places in India. The reason is as simple as this - nothing to fight about, so why not create a ruckus on the name of Akbar's wife ?

Who cares really if Akbar's wife was called Jodhabai or Putlibai ? We are there to watch an entertainer for heaven's sake! Not to learn history. As if all those boring history classes during school days weren't enough. I thoroughly enjoyed the sets depicted, the jewellery sponsored by Tanishq even though the storyline was a drag. The sets were just fabulous! The beautifully ornated ceilings, the riot of colours, the silky vibrant drapes... everything! But no, we have to concentrate on the wife's name. Right!

So what were these political parties doing before the release of the film ? Why didn't they protest when the film was being so heavily advertised on TV ? And that too.. when the film's name is 'Jodhaa Akbar'. What did they think ? That Jodhaa will change her name midway through the film to a name which is more acceptable to them ?

Getting back to the movie, the only thing that kept me glued to the big screen was the set. My bro-in-law unfortunately didn't take interest in all the bling and dozed off. Why did they name the movie 'Jodhaa Akbar' ?! I mean.. Akbar had 34 wives! And none of them must have been mentioned as his special one in History coz then there wouldn't have been this much confusion over a name. So how can they use such a metaphor anyway? 'Ek chotti si love story' would have been better ;) Don't you think ?

Oh by the way.. I did expect the film to show his 34 wives :( But I guess then the entire love story would have been baseless. I guess some films just don't meet your expectations....