Sunday, January 27, 2008


I will try hard not to oversleep and be late for work again.

I will really really try!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

And The Award Goes To...

Almost a month since I blogged ? So without further ado let me wish all of you a very very VERY VERY happy new year 2008! I know it is kind of late.. but better late than never right? A rather poor excuse.. but hum to aise hai bhaiyya!!! ;)

With lots of award functions being held.. I thought why not have my own? I sincerely apologize for the lack of publicity. But you know me.. the quiet girl with bad marketing skills! Ready for it? Ok people, here goes...

The Best Friend of The Year Award - Swapna RK
My sister! Yay! She has been more of a friend, less of a sister the past year. I don't think I have ever got a friend who has listened, understood and loved me more than her! Three cheers to her!!

The Funniest Person of the Year Award - Nakshatra RK
My niece! How can a six year old take away with this honour? Trust me. She's one of the funniest people I have ever met. She can sense whenever her aunt is angry and can crack such cute jokes, show such silly faces that all you are left with is a smiling face!

The 'Best in Keeping in Contact' friends of the year Award - Sumaiya and Ershad
Whenever I go missing, they are there to enquire! They don't seem to mind that I am a lazy bum who simply sucks at keeping in contact with people. I love you both!

The Best Bro of The year Award - Pradosh
I am glad I have a bro at work who suffers all my tantrums, my tempers but who still ends up giving me sound advice at the end of the day (which I don't end up following). He covers up for all the mischief I do at work and sometimes even encourages it ;).

The Wacky Friend of the year Award - Nasmin
The amount of bullshit we talked through the phone makes her the most eligible for this particular award. I can't believe I actually ended up talking so much nonsense. But I enjoyed every moment of the crazy, nutty chats we had.

The Most Wanted friend of the year Award - Anu Susan
Most wanted simply coz she has gone missing! Isn't she always ? A carefree, absolutely hilarious human being who can eat my head too at the same time ;)

The Lazy Bum of the year Award - Neo Coelho
Stop spending time on WoW and start doing something constructive... you moron! ( don't worry people, I am not this rude to everyone)

The Helping friend of the year Award - Ciby k.
From collecting my college documents to going all the way to ensure I got them at his own expense makes him the right person for this one!

and last but definitely not the least...

The Crackpot of the year Award - ME!!!
Writing ridiculous blogs, making even more ridiculous decisions and continuing to be genuinely ridiculous ;) Who deserves the award more than me ? The last year has been very inconsistent for me and I have made many rash decisions (some of you reading this right now might know). But this crackpot has always found a funny side to everything and stayed happy. So yay me!!

There are many more awards that I would have loved to give. But I am not sure whether the recipients would have taken it in the right spirit ;)So those people whose names have been skipped here can come and ask me directly which award they are most suited for.

Winding up, I wish all of you a very happy year ahead filled with lots of wonderful surprises. And even if they aren't wonderful, be rest assured that all bad things do come to an end! So keep smiling :-)Love you lots...