Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Colour Of The Day Is....


My holidays are going to get over. Am feeling sooooo darn lazy.

Somebody snap me out of it :-(
But then I will get free samosas :-)
But then I won't get to sleep till 12 :-(
But then I will have a more healthy routine :-)
But then I won't get to spend much time with my family :-(
But then I get to irritate ppl outside my family :-)

But then.... but then....


Somebody snap me out of it :-(

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Confused Desis

I just watched 'The Namesake'. Yes, it got released a long time back. But I was able to lay my hands on the 'non-pirated' VCD version only recently. It's a storyline all of us are familiar with. But something about the execution of the film made it different from the other movies of the same genre.

The movie focuses primarily on life of NRIs. How much they have to adjust to their surroundings. The loneliness and the quiet life they have to face after living a much spirited one in their homeland. Of course, all this is applicable to only those who have been born and brought up in India. The others are already used to the abundance of freedom and for them less noise and decreased interruptions are always welcome.

Being brought up here, I can identify with some of the situations depicted in the movie. I need my personal space. It can be barged upon.. but only upto a limit. In contrast, my cousins don't need that space. I don't think they even have one!! You are always welcome anytime to disturb them from whatever they are doing. They won't even show the slightest bit of irritation.

But how much freedom should a parent give to their child ? In India, there are loads of people to run behind you making sure you get back home on time, you eat your food on time, to make sure you do all the right things at the right time. Outside, that extra attention isn't there. Your parents do keep a watch. But a child being influenced by his/her surroundings, is bound to get carried away by a lifestyle completely different from theirs. This makes it more tough for NRI parents. They have to make sure they give enough freedom to their kids. But still they have to curb it so that their children won't get uncontrollable in the future.

Another thing that Desis get a little paranoid about are their names. 'Kumaran' becomes 'Kumar' , 'Srinivasan' becomes 'Srinivas'. This is only in the middle-east. In the Western countries, 'Nikhil' becomes 'Nick', 'Jasmit' becomes 'Jazz'. Anything to fit in.

We live such confused lives. We are the Non-Reliable Indians. Three cheers to us! :-)

I am thinking of changing my name too. Diana maybe ? ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

As Another Year Goes By..

It's kind of scary to know how fast a year can go by. It just seems like yesterday when I was blogging in my previous workplace. Here I am now, not any wiser but in a different job and with no time left for blogging. Almost every other day, I get complimented on how 'funny' and 'weird' (don't know if that is a compliment... but I would like to keep it that way) my blog is and that I should be writing more regularly.

It is not because of a writer's block. In fact, I don't think I will ever get one. Will always have something to write about be it totally rubbish or entirely philosophical. But being the lazy bum that I am, my fingers refuse to move.

So first of all, I like to thank all those people who have had the time to visit my small little personal space and who have shared their views with me. I feel even more encouraged when some of them say things like how reading my blog brings a smile to their faces. Thank you so much! :-)

Looking back on this almost ending year, I don't have much to recount as far as personal improvements are concerned. But I do know I have managed to take things as it comes be it disappointments or happiness without dwelling on it for a long time. Other than that, I had dedicated quality time to a hobby I was always interested in - designing. From designing posters to finding the perfect design for my website, I am giving my bit to everything. Of course, I haven't made them public yet. Just for my own creative satisfaction.

It's during December that I usually look back on how the year went. Few days left and you just can't help but remember all the things that happened to you through the span of a year. And that it happened all so fast! All the gatherings, the funny moments, frustrations, sadness.... all your emotions have found its way into your life within 365 days. It almost looks like as if your life in 12 months is planned in such a way so that each sentiment would fit in one day or the other. Of course you would rather have only the 'happy' memories. But that's just the way life is. You just have to live, enjoy, learn and let go without any regrets.

The festive part of this time of the year is infectious. In spite of being a Hindu, I totally enjoy the spirit of Christmas. The decorations, the Xmas tree, the carols... all heavenly.

I haven't made any resolutions for the new year. But I am really looking forward to it. One thing is for sure - 2008 is going to be an eventful year for me! So maybe by this time next year, I will have more things to write about ;)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Here I am!! It's me again. Wondering every now and then if I was born at the wrong time, at the wrong place.. even in the wrong planet maybe? A time when a single text message or a call to your parents is assumed as a text or a call to that 'special someone'. For pete's sake, can't a girl make a call to her parents without getting teased at ???

Person1 : Aaaaaaah!!!! You calling someone *wink wink**grin**wink*
Me: *glaring & highly irritated* yeah my dad...
Person1 : (wink and glare disappears. Instead the shocked expression takes its place. Calling parents from one's mobile phone is unheard of perhaps??) Oh! ok dear.. you carry on....

Person2 : Oooooh!!!! Messaging someone *wink wink**grin**wink*
Me : yeah my sister...
Person2 : Yeah! Yeah! Everyone tells that.... *wink wink*
Me : (cursing heavily under breath) Seriously man!!!
Person2 : haan haan.... go on... let me not disturb u....
Person2 : oh.. so you are single ? Hmm... *grin*.. So whats your mobile number?? (puts on the most fake smile ever seen)

You can't really blame these people. I might be the only one using the mobile phone purely for the intention of contacting family members. I suck at keeping in touch with friends through the phone. Seriously speaking, am allergic to phone calls. It's hard to believe. But it's true. I prefer talking face to face. My close friends have learnt it the hard way, but they still like me ...

I hope....