Friday, November 09, 2007

It's a funny world...

I feel really lucky to have so many ppl in my life who are actually bothered about my future. All of a sudden I have a number of people (who were complete strangers six months ago) advising me about one important event that would take place sooner or later - marriage.

Person 1: 'Don't marry anyone born and brought up in Gulf. They are two-timing bastards.'
Me : 'Err...'

Person 2: 'Take your time in knowing the person. There's no rush.'
Me : 'Umm...'

Person 3 (from Goa): 'In fact, Goans are nice.. you should get married to a Goan. It would be a pleasure to have u in Goa!'
Me : 'Uh uh...'

Person 4: 'Goans are nice ? Bahrainis are better. You look like Bahraini. Maafi Indian. Shahbarak ? Zaina. Fine. You know little Arabic also. Get married to Bahraini'
Me: 'Hmmm..!'

Person 5 (a lady): 'You should get married only to a person who will stay away from his parents. They will interfere in everything'
Me: 'oh!'

Person 6: 'You should get married to a person who would want you to stay with his parents. You will have more people to advise and take care of you.'

I feel cared for! *sniff*

But they ended up talking about adulteration, weirdos, loveless marriages, boredom et all so common in marriages nowadays...

Shit! Now am scared :(

All of you bachelorettes out there, join me and let us pray for a bright (and did I ever mention 'rich' in my previous posts?) future...