Friday, November 16, 2007

Feed The Poor.... Literally!

I am a sucker for any kind of sentimental stuff. Except maybe self pity. I don't know why people simply waste time by cribbing about how their life is going, when they actually could be spending that much of energy to make it better!

So what really gets me going all weak-kneed and faint-hearted ?? Yeah... you must have figured that out vaguely from the title itself. I am just a lazy bum who wants to do something to help but who doesn't know what to do! I still sometimes get this strong feeling to go out there and do something. Especially since I started earning. Am sure there are many people out there with the similar feeling. Too lazy, too tired, too busy to do what they want to do.

I don't know what it is about charity boxes that make my hand go automatically inside my purse. It started when I was young. I would nudge my dad's sleeve and point to one such box kept at a corner of a shop. The shop keeper would give a grin and my dad would reluctantly plop some coins into my hand. Oh boy! Was I happy!! It was that feeling of doing something. To give something to people who don't have enough. You really have to experience it to feel the joy. It's very special.

Didn't stop then. Continued to college where I donated my entire pocket money (more than 300 rupees)for a cause. There were people who contributed more. But it felt good nevertheless because they gave what they could and I had given everything I had. So YAY ME!!!! :D ( To all those naysayers out there... seee!!! I am not so bad after all)

So you can imagine how I felt when a friend went about advertising a site called ''. A site to help the poor. No, it doesn't require you to register or give money as opposed to the countless fraud sites online. It requires you to answer questions. A word quiz. For each word you get correct, you donate about 10 grains of rice to the poor!!!

The money for the grains come from the sponsors supporting this cause of eradicating world hunger. The grains are then distributed to the needy by the United Nation World Food Program (WFP). So you just have to get the words right and contribute as much as grains as possible! Hmmm... but there's a glitch. You should be a person who enjoys word games! If not, play anyway and try to increase your vocabulary ;) After all, its for a good cause.

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's a funny world...

I feel really lucky to have so many ppl in my life who are actually bothered about my future. All of a sudden I have a number of people (who were complete strangers six months ago) advising me about one important event that would take place sooner or later - marriage.

Person 1: 'Don't marry anyone born and brought up in Gulf. They are two-timing bastards.'
Me : 'Err...'

Person 2: 'Take your time in knowing the person. There's no rush.'
Me : 'Umm...'

Person 3 (from Goa): 'In fact, Goans are nice.. you should get married to a Goan. It would be a pleasure to have u in Goa!'
Me : 'Uh uh...'

Person 4: 'Goans are nice ? Bahrainis are better. You look like Bahraini. Maafi Indian. Shahbarak ? Zaina. Fine. You know little Arabic also. Get married to Bahraini'
Me: 'Hmmm..!'

Person 5 (a lady): 'You should get married only to a person who will stay away from his parents. They will interfere in everything'
Me: 'oh!'

Person 6: 'You should get married to a person who would want you to stay with his parents. You will have more people to advise and take care of you.'

I feel cared for! *sniff*

But they ended up talking about adulteration, weirdos, loveless marriages, boredom et all so common in marriages nowadays...

Shit! Now am scared :(

All of you bachelorettes out there, join me and let us pray for a bright (and did I ever mention 'rich' in my previous posts?) future...