Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Within

What do you do when your mind and heart have sworn to be enemies till eternity ? They never seem to be at peace with each other. Why can't they both agree on the same thing ?

There are times when I just want to kick both of them out (if it is even minutely possible) and just relaxxxx!!!!

The mind is rational. But it can go haywire too ? It can be purely selfish for the reason that it is always looking for reasons for us (the being they dwell in) to be happy. 'Don't consider feelings of others you dimwit. You have better things to do'. The mind is forever on the lookout for perfect answers. The perfect way you should behave in. Not necessarily things you believe in. In this way, you don't keep yourself happy neither others. You listen and follow just to be considered right. Not being true to yourself. So if you listen to ur mind... are you hurting others or yourself?

On the other hand, the laal badshah inside dwells in its own little world. It has a mind of its own which makes the most bizarre decisions. 'Consider feelings you dimwit. Why are you acting like a monster?'. But some of the points it makes are so strong (even though irrational), the mind gets sidelined completely. This goes on for sometime until the mind goes for a short vacation, drinks boost/horlicks and returns back on full swing! But up to that point, you are oh-so-happy... because you are doing something you believe in. Not necessarily what others believe in. It may not be perfect, but its true. So if you listen to ur heart... are you hurting others or yourself ?

If at the end of this post you are left confused.... welcome to my world! :)