Friday, September 07, 2007

The Unseen, The Unknown

The reason why Dhanya likes DDLJ so much is not just coz of the sugary coated love story but also coz of the mother-daughter interaction depicted in it. I can identify with several of the scenes. The daughter ardently writing secret poems which she refuses to show anyone. Her mother finding out and then trying to make the shy daughter read it out aloud to her with excuses like 'Your mother is your friend now'. I can all identify with! Thats the scene copied directly into my life....

And of course, there is the 'andekha anjana' poem. The way Kajol recites it and the words in the poem are right there in the heart of many girls who just fail to express how their andekha, anjana should be.

I am letting you into a little secret here. However it turns out to be, I just want you to smile and be silent! This poem is not meant to be criticized or commented upon! Its my visualization of MY andekha anjana. Maybe years later when am actually married and am reading this again, it would end up as a good laugh for me and my husband. In the meantime, the childishness prevails...

The Unseen, The Unknown

Just with a gleam in his eyes, and a smile
He would drive all the worries away infinite miles
With a touch of the hand or a loving gesture
Make my heart go on a high flying adventure

A little childish, a little responsible
A person who would breeze out of any trouble
Sharing the times of silence in peace
Thats how we will know we are at ease

Someone who feels at home away from home
Who would value my family as his own
Suffer my immaturity with a smile
Make me understand even if it would take a while..

Will eat my head off for even the smallest of problems
Eventually calm down after all the tantrums
Then, come to me with that ever winning smile
And drive all my worries away infinite miles.....

And that's how he's going to be ! :-)