Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

Why is it that...
  • You always get sick just after you start to believe that your immune system has strengthened up.
  • You never get what you really truly want, but it lands straight on your lap once you forget about it!
  • Things you want at the moment (a book, a t-shirt) go missing all of a sudden! It was just there few minutes ago!!!
  • People always say you are either 'too thin' or 'too fat' and never of proper weight.
  • All the bad, rude, arrogant, egoistic snobs and atheists end up with all the good luck!
  • Hard work and honesty never really pays off at work ? To get promoted, you have to prove yourself to be a 'chaloo' dude who can sleaze your way out of any bad situation.
  • When people make fun of you, you are supposed to 'take it as a joke'.. but when you hit it straight back at them you are considered to be 'uncultured'.
  • When you don't have an Inet connection, you keep thinking once you get it you will search for info regarding this and that (the wannabe geek).. but when you do get connected, you end up checking only your mail and orkut scraps...
  • There are so many shampoos available to give you 'shiny' hair, 'soft' hair, 'non-frizzy' hair, 'damage proof' hair... all in different bottles. Why can't they just put it all in a single package ???? We all want shiny+soft+non-frizzy+damage proof hair!!! Or do we just have to mix it all up and dump it on our head?? (To all manufacturers of shampoos and bodywash products - Please note, we have enough confusions already!)

More random thoughts later....