Monday, September 10, 2007


*Tring Tring*

Anyone who has been jobless enough to go through ALL my posts might (just might) remember how I am allergic to phone calls. I try my maximum best not to pick up any one of em as if they keep ringing JUST to irritate me.

*I will show the stupid phone... I won't pick it up!'*
*Tring Tring*
*Tring Tring*
*Me ignores*

This non-existing duel ends as soon as my mom gives her 'oh-so-lovely' acid glare!

The conversations that follow on-line are just as exciting :

Them: Hello
Me: Hello

Them: How are you?
Me: Oh good! How are you?

Them: Good
Them: Hows your work?
Me: (Sigh... here we go again) Oh very good...

Them: How's your sis ?
Me: She's also good..

Them : *Silence* (Running out of qns)
Me: Oh! Mom has come! Will give the phone to her!

Throws phone to mom and goes back to minding thy own business...

So today was one of those days. Was back from work and enjoying my cup of warm tea... and then it happened...

*Tring Tring*

I let it ring for sometime and then realized it must be dad calling to ask what to get from grocery...!!

I puff puffed my way towards the phone and ... it stopped! I didn't know whether to feel angry (at having wasted so much energy in getting there! (shut up u gigglers)) or sad at having my dad wait so much...

So Dhanya calls dad up...

D: Heylooooo! Did u call ??
D's dad: Huh ? No?

D: No?? Somebody called ... Thought it was you!
D's dad: Wasn't me! Why would I call?

D: To ask what to get from grocery?
D's dad: Oh... hmmm... where are you? home?

D: Yeah of course!! look at the time dad... I am home! And where are you???
D's dad: I am also at home...

D: Huh ? *Gets confused... How many homes does dad have????? Is office his home now??*
D's dad: Yeah am at home!!!

D: What ??? Home???? I am at home!
D's dad: Well.. yeah... I am in the master bedroom here!!

D's dad: hahahaha (the typical daddy laughter)

D completely forgot D's dad comes home early nowadays! And D didn't bother checking the master bedroom coz its always:

Coming Home -----> D's bedroom -----> Bathroom -----> Dining Room -----> Drawing room

Dad was sleeping peacefully in his bedroom. And I woke him up asking the most ridiculous question.


It's times like these that I realize answering the stupid *tring tring* is way better than being hit on the head....