Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

Why is it that...
  • You always get sick just after you start to believe that your immune system has strengthened up.
  • You never get what you really truly want, but it lands straight on your lap once you forget about it!
  • Things you want at the moment (a book, a t-shirt) go missing all of a sudden! It was just there few minutes ago!!!
  • People always say you are either 'too thin' or 'too fat' and never of proper weight.
  • All the bad, rude, arrogant, egoistic snobs and atheists end up with all the good luck!
  • Hard work and honesty never really pays off at work ? To get promoted, you have to prove yourself to be a 'chaloo' dude who can sleaze your way out of any bad situation.
  • When people make fun of you, you are supposed to 'take it as a joke'.. but when you hit it straight back at them you are considered to be 'uncultured'.
  • When you don't have an Inet connection, you keep thinking once you get it you will search for info regarding this and that (the wannabe geek).. but when you do get connected, you end up checking only your mail and orkut scraps...
  • There are so many shampoos available to give you 'shiny' hair, 'soft' hair, 'non-frizzy' hair, 'damage proof' hair... all in different bottles. Why can't they just put it all in a single package ???? We all want shiny+soft+non-frizzy+damage proof hair!!! Or do we just have to mix it all up and dump it on our head?? (To all manufacturers of shampoos and bodywash products - Please note, we have enough confusions already!)

More random thoughts later....

Monday, September 10, 2007


*Tring Tring*

Anyone who has been jobless enough to go through ALL my posts might (just might) remember how I am allergic to phone calls. I try my maximum best not to pick up any one of em as if they keep ringing JUST to irritate me.

*I will show the stupid phone... I won't pick it up!'*
*Tring Tring*
*Tring Tring*
*Me ignores*

This non-existing duel ends as soon as my mom gives her 'oh-so-lovely' acid glare!

The conversations that follow on-line are just as exciting :

Them: Hello
Me: Hello

Them: How are you?
Me: Oh good! How are you?

Them: Good
Them: Hows your work?
Me: (Sigh... here we go again) Oh very good...

Them: How's your sis ?
Me: She's also good..

Them : *Silence* (Running out of qns)
Me: Oh! Mom has come! Will give the phone to her!

Throws phone to mom and goes back to minding thy own business...

So today was one of those days. Was back from work and enjoying my cup of warm tea... and then it happened...

*Tring Tring*

I let it ring for sometime and then realized it must be dad calling to ask what to get from grocery...!!

I puff puffed my way towards the phone and ... it stopped! I didn't know whether to feel angry (at having wasted so much energy in getting there! (shut up u gigglers)) or sad at having my dad wait so much...

So Dhanya calls dad up...

D: Heylooooo! Did u call ??
D's dad: Huh ? No?

D: No?? Somebody called ... Thought it was you!
D's dad: Wasn't me! Why would I call?

D: To ask what to get from grocery?
D's dad: Oh... hmmm... where are you? home?

D: Yeah of course!! look at the time dad... I am home! And where are you???
D's dad: I am also at home...

D: Huh ? *Gets confused... How many homes does dad have????? Is office his home now??*
D's dad: Yeah am at home!!!

D: What ??? Home???? I am at home!
D's dad: Well.. yeah... I am in the master bedroom here!!

D's dad: hahahaha (the typical daddy laughter)

D completely forgot D's dad comes home early nowadays! And D didn't bother checking the master bedroom coz its always:

Coming Home -----> D's bedroom -----> Bathroom -----> Dining Room -----> Drawing room

Dad was sleeping peacefully in his bedroom. And I woke him up asking the most ridiculous question.


It's times like these that I realize answering the stupid *tring tring* is way better than being hit on the head....

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Unseen, The Unknown

The reason why Dhanya likes DDLJ so much is not just coz of the sugary coated love story but also coz of the mother-daughter interaction depicted in it. I can identify with several of the scenes. The daughter ardently writing secret poems which she refuses to show anyone. Her mother finding out and then trying to make the shy daughter read it out aloud to her with excuses like 'Your mother is your friend now'. I can all identify with! Thats the scene copied directly into my life....

And of course, there is the 'andekha anjana' poem. The way Kajol recites it and the words in the poem are right there in the heart of many girls who just fail to express how their andekha, anjana should be.

I am letting you into a little secret here. However it turns out to be, I just want you to smile and be silent! This poem is not meant to be criticized or commented upon! Its my visualization of MY andekha anjana. Maybe years later when am actually married and am reading this again, it would end up as a good laugh for me and my husband. In the meantime, the childishness prevails...

The Unseen, The Unknown

Just with a gleam in his eyes, and a smile
He would drive all the worries away infinite miles
With a touch of the hand or a loving gesture
Make my heart go on a high flying adventure

A little childish, a little responsible
A person who would breeze out of any trouble
Sharing the times of silence in peace
Thats how we will know we are at ease

Someone who feels at home away from home
Who would value my family as his own
Suffer my immaturity with a smile
Make me understand even if it would take a while..

Will eat my head off for even the smallest of problems
Eventually calm down after all the tantrums
Then, come to me with that ever winning smile
And drive all my worries away infinite miles.....

And that's how he's going to be ! :-)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Whole New Beginning

My birthday has come and gone. From the beginning of this year, I have been tuning myself into believing that I am 23 years old. Now am officially 23. Heading where ? Hmmm...

I started writing when I was 20, and I can't believe 3 years have passed on so quickly. It feels just like yesterday when I was sitting on the college corridors surrounded by friends doing my last minute mugging up before exams, then the amounts of sheet I wasted, ink running out and borrowing the sir's pen which somehow made my back bench exam-mates giggle. They knew I had a 'thing' for the sir coz his was the only class I used to attend properly....

Life before college was Black and White. I was just happy in my own self. I didn't value friends too much. And this kind of continued into college too. Until this stranger (later on he turned out to be a very good friend) came to me and told me that I had two options in life - either to enjoy each day as it comes and gain lotsa memories in return or just stay aloof and gain nothing by it. That was the first time anyone took the time out to make me realize the importance of friendship and how wonderful it can be when you have people to share your joys and sorrows with. I owe you one Deepak! You are solely responsible for changing my whole viewpoint on life....

I made some resolutions for this bday and I hope by this time next year I would have:
  • Achieved mental balance ;)
  • Learned cooking and also how to accept that things cannot be always glossy and glittery

Other than that I plan to do more shopping ! Oh yes, Dhanno is not so against marriage anymore. So Inshallah she gets a good match by next December! Of course, the guy should be :

  • Rich
  • Rich
  • Loving and Caring (and all the blah blah that girls dream of)
  • Rich
  • And a lil more rich
  • Oh yes, should be crazy too. I dont wanna die of boredom....

So anyone who satisfies condition number 1,2,4 or 5 are free to apply. Condition numbers 3 and6 will be judged thereafter.

Signing off ;)