Friday, August 10, 2007

Mindless Rambling

My time-tabled life is not so time-tabled anymore! Before you get the idea that I have ventured into new horizons... please be informed that the reason for this is purely coz I have been working over-time nowadays. And I sorely miss my daily 9-4 work routine. I reach home by 6:45 P.M looking all set to jump onto bed (which I do eventually).

So, I am getting used to this new life, to people at work who just cannot say 'Dhanya' the way its supposed to be said (e.g: Dhaaanya, Dana, Dania), and to rude n ugly people who think I have become fat!!!! How dare they call me - the evergreen walking stick - a fatso ?? I mean, why can't people make up their mind ? First they tell me gain weight... and now they tell me to lose! And the funny thing is, the people who are telling me to lose weight are the ones with a humongous pouch protruding north, south, east and west (in short, only the tummy is visible) . Hellloooo... it takes a lot of effort to stuff yourself up with fattening food!! Getting fat is as difficult as losing weight!

Other than my never ending clash with people, my fav timepass nowadays is counting the number of days left for my parents to land in Bahrain. The supposedly two-week 'short stay' has extended to a longgg one-month vacation. So for me and my sis.. its a case of counting and recounting the number of days left for them to come. Too good I tell you....

The above handmade greeting has been kept ready by my niece for about a month now. She has got fed up of waiting for them and now has started making more cards (maybe to show them the intensity of how much she's missing them... or (a better explanation) she figured out this is the only timepass for her till her grandparents come from India with new toys). That means more work for us. She will do the designing, we do the colouring. And if her hands tire, you will end up doing the designing part too..

Hopefully (!) they will land on 15th of this month. If they don't... oh well, there's always card making we could look forward to...