Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank You..

I take people for granted. I guess many of us do. We have a feeling that the people close to us will remain forever close and don't take that extra effort to please them. These special people go an extra mile to please you, but you just sit back, relax and enjoy all the attention. What do you give back in return ? Absolutely nothing. Not even a thank you. I know formalities aren't called for in close relationships, but it does work wonders. It shows your appreciation for what you are getting.

Some might say it isn't necessary to convey what you feel - 'The love's definitely there but if you can't see it maybe your blind'. I used to feel the same way. 'Mom knows that I love her, she doesn't need me telling her 24 hours a day that I love her'. 'Mom knows that I appreciate her for what she is doing'. 'Mom knows....'. Or does she ? Maybe she thinks I am a selfish, spoilt brat who doesn't feel grateful for anything she does.

So I decided to do something extra for her this time. I have a job which offers little money. I end up saving most of them. This was a good time to spend some and the best time to surprise her. Usually, I shop with my parents so there's never a chance for a surprise. But now, I got an opportunity.

It was 30th April. My parent's wedding anniversary. I wished them as usual. Mom thought I had forgotten about it and came into my room singing 'Happy wedding anniversary tooo meee'. I think it was her way of telling me not to forget to wish my dad. I wished him too in my grumbling monotone (early rising isn't for me). Caught my bus, and was seated when this idea came out of nowhere. Why not buy roses for mom ? The place is nearby to where I work. She loves flowers !!

I went along with my friend Miss R and got a bouquet of roses. 5 dinars gone. But lets leave the money part since we are talking about feelings here...

I reached my compound, and was hoping she wasn't looking from the window. I didn't want her to see the flowers right then. Dhanya climbs stairs. Dhanya rings the bell. Mom opens door. Tadaaa. And I must tell you, the look on her face and the happiness that followed was totally priceless.... her little daughter had got her something at last. I realised I should have done this ages ago. At least a thank you for all the hard work she did at home and for putting up with all my tantrums. A thank you just to see that look on her face.

This post is for all those people who touched my life one way or the other. There are so many to list. I am a person who keeps things to myself most of the time. I show those feelings once in a while to prove I am human too. This is one such moment. I want to say thank you to all the special people in my life - amma, dad, chech, naksha, fatima, vinod, ammu kutty, ciby, deepak, rayhana, pradosh, rakhee, sumaiya, ershad, alden, godwin....... and to everyone who loves me for just the way I am. I want to tell you if I acted a little weird when you showed your appreciation, it's just that I am uncomfortable with compliments. But you can be rest assured, I did a lil dance inside. I know most of you might not even end up reading this post, but if you do.. that smile on your face would be simply worth it :)

PS : For those who are curious about what I gave my dad as wedding anniversary gift, I gave him my pay slip. That look was definitely worth it too ;)