Saturday, May 19, 2007

Expired or not ?

Those of you who have read my previous posts would be familiar with Mr. D (yeah, he's the guy who eats expired products). Few days back, he revealed the actual reason for doing so. It's because a product has two expiry dates!!

Mr. D - I can show you a product which has two expiry dates imprinted on it.
Rest of us - How is it that we have never seen it ?
Mr. D - Maybe you haven't looked hard enough.

So, he went out and got a product (a UK made chick pea soup in a can), turned it over and showed us the expiry date - 'Expiry date - 13/12/2007 for Bahrain'. This printing could be removed with a nail polish remover. The actual one was below the Bahrain expiry date and it showed 'BB Dec 2009' which is 'Best Before December 2009'. This one is the UK expiry date -the place where it was originally made. Each of us took the can and scrutinized it. Yup, there were two dates! The actual date can't be removed using a spirit or anything.

Mr. D - So you see, the product might have expired in Bahrain, but its still edible in London.
Rest of us - So why have two dates ?
Mr. D - It's because there is a Bahrain law that restricts the shelf life of most food products to one year! But if people in London are still eating it, why can't I ? I can go to London and sell the product (or even better eat it) which has expired in Bahrain.

That was surprising. So, we tried to reason with Mr. D that maybe the Bahrain climate isn't suitable for a long product shelf-life. Mr. D wouldn't listen to all that and said he would rather wait for a BD. 26/- Nino Mango Juice (1 litre) product to expire so that he can drink it for free, rather than actually buying it. It just might still be drinkable some other part of the world.

Does such a Bahrain law actually exist ? If so, why ? Which leads me to another question.. how do they figure out the expiry date of a product ?