Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Confusions of a Walking Stick

A stick. I have heard people call me that before. Fewer people now though. But still I get it often 'You are so thin.. you know that ?' Of course I know. Especially coz people keep telling me that every other day. And all I wish to do that very instant is give them a nice tight rap. Because of my small frame, I get told that I look like a 15 year old. It's a good thing to look younger than your age right ? WRONG! Ask me how it feels..

I wouldn't mind getting told that I look young when I am older! Not now. At the moment, I just want to look like a 22 year old. Which is quite hard with me being a shorty, thinso who doesn't wear any make up at all.

Ok.. I have decided to do something from this week onwards. Since I am in sitting position all day long at work, this stick has decided to start exercising! Now some of you might hoo haa about why I should exercise.. me being a stick and all. I did a lot of thinking about it. I want to feel healthy !! I am not feeling healthy at the moment... especially in the last few days when I found out my old pair of jeans isn't fitting me !!!! Obviously the fat is getting deposited at all the wrong places.. so exercising it's going to be. But then, if I exercise won't I get more thin ? People like me this way (when I am a lil chubby). But if I exercise then I would feel healthier and happier. Should I ? Shouldn't I ?

Confused, as usual.