Monday, May 21, 2007

Smiling All The Way !

I just shopped. It has left me feeling oh-so-happy. So I dedicate this little poem for me, me and only me (forgive me for my narcissism!).

The great life

Life is just great

Especially when you have money to waste.

What can leave a girl more happy

Than clothes that make her look all sassy.

I wish I could shop everyday to feel soooo nice about myself...

Now, before I compose any more ridiculous poems.. I am signing off. But not without a final cry of joy..

Yippee !

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Expired or not ?

Those of you who have read my previous posts would be familiar with Mr. D (yeah, he's the guy who eats expired products). Few days back, he revealed the actual reason for doing so. It's because a product has two expiry dates!!

Mr. D - I can show you a product which has two expiry dates imprinted on it.
Rest of us - How is it that we have never seen it ?
Mr. D - Maybe you haven't looked hard enough.

So, he went out and got a product (a UK made chick pea soup in a can), turned it over and showed us the expiry date - 'Expiry date - 13/12/2007 for Bahrain'. This printing could be removed with a nail polish remover. The actual one was below the Bahrain expiry date and it showed 'BB Dec 2009' which is 'Best Before December 2009'. This one is the UK expiry date -the place where it was originally made. Each of us took the can and scrutinized it. Yup, there were two dates! The actual date can't be removed using a spirit or anything.

Mr. D - So you see, the product might have expired in Bahrain, but its still edible in London.
Rest of us - So why have two dates ?
Mr. D - It's because there is a Bahrain law that restricts the shelf life of most food products to one year! But if people in London are still eating it, why can't I ? I can go to London and sell the product (or even better eat it) which has expired in Bahrain.

That was surprising. So, we tried to reason with Mr. D that maybe the Bahrain climate isn't suitable for a long product shelf-life. Mr. D wouldn't listen to all that and said he would rather wait for a BD. 26/- Nino Mango Juice (1 litre) product to expire so that he can drink it for free, rather than actually buying it. It just might still be drinkable some other part of the world.

Does such a Bahrain law actually exist ? If so, why ? Which leads me to another question.. how do they figure out the expiry date of a product ?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Confusions of a Walking Stick

A stick. I have heard people call me that before. Fewer people now though. But still I get it often 'You are so thin.. you know that ?' Of course I know. Especially coz people keep telling me that every other day. And all I wish to do that very instant is give them a nice tight rap. Because of my small frame, I get told that I look like a 15 year old. It's a good thing to look younger than your age right ? WRONG! Ask me how it feels..

I wouldn't mind getting told that I look young when I am older! Not now. At the moment, I just want to look like a 22 year old. Which is quite hard with me being a shorty, thinso who doesn't wear any make up at all.

Ok.. I have decided to do something from this week onwards. Since I am in sitting position all day long at work, this stick has decided to start exercising! Now some of you might hoo haa about why I should exercise.. me being a stick and all. I did a lot of thinking about it. I want to feel healthy !! I am not feeling healthy at the moment... especially in the last few days when I found out my old pair of jeans isn't fitting me !!!! Obviously the fat is getting deposited at all the wrong places.. so exercising it's going to be. But then, if I exercise won't I get more thin ? People like me this way (when I am a lil chubby). But if I exercise then I would feel healthier and happier. Should I ? Shouldn't I ?

Confused, as usual.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Pros and Cons Of Employment

The advantages of being employed :

Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. I am totally against this but since its universally accepted, there must be some truth to it. This doesn't stop me from staying awake till 4 a.m on weekends.

You end up eating your lunch on time. You are always looking for an excuse to get away from work and what better excuse than lunch time. It's the only break away from work which is totally acceptable.

You get to meet new, interesting (and uninteresting) people. More the number of homo sapiens to irritate, the happier you get.

You are succumbed to less nagging at home coz your parents figure out that you aren't so useless after all.

You get to waste your time some place else other than home. At home , you are wasting your time in front of T.V and at work you are wasting your time in front of the computer browsing the Internet for the latest gossip surrounding the T.V stars.

You gain weight (which is good in my case). You are stuck in the same sitting position all day long coz if anyone sees you walking around, you are considered lazy and insincere to your work.

The most important point - you get paid for doing nothing. The more idle you are, the more you get paid. Example - the managers of an organization (hope my boss doesn't read this).

The disadvantages :

Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy,wealthy and wise. I know I mentioned this in the advantages part, but how can skipping breakfast make you healthy ? Getting early to bed doesn't necessarily make me want to get up early. On the contrary, it makes me want to sleep more and curse my work... is cursing your work a wise thing to do ?

You get stuck in a time table of sorts. A time tabled life. Who wants that ? You could be out there doing more interesting things like shopping! Instead, you end up sitting in front of the computer all day long thinking why the hell you are there spoiling your eyes for which you are paid a pittance.

You have to laugh at the manager's unfunny jokes (?). You have to make it sound as if its the funniest thing you have ever heard in your life even though inside you are wondering how such a stupid person got to be the manager of the company.

You can go for vacation only if you are allowed to! You have to slog so that your manager can go for vacation every 6 months. They get tired by just watching you work ?

I want to say much more but my computer seems tired and is slowing down considerably. Which leads me to another advantage of being employed - you get to use faster computers at work.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank You..

I take people for granted. I guess many of us do. We have a feeling that the people close to us will remain forever close and don't take that extra effort to please them. These special people go an extra mile to please you, but you just sit back, relax and enjoy all the attention. What do you give back in return ? Absolutely nothing. Not even a thank you. I know formalities aren't called for in close relationships, but it does work wonders. It shows your appreciation for what you are getting.

Some might say it isn't necessary to convey what you feel - 'The love's definitely there but if you can't see it maybe your blind'. I used to feel the same way. 'Mom knows that I love her, she doesn't need me telling her 24 hours a day that I love her'. 'Mom knows that I appreciate her for what she is doing'. 'Mom knows....'. Or does she ? Maybe she thinks I am a selfish, spoilt brat who doesn't feel grateful for anything she does.

So I decided to do something extra for her this time. I have a job which offers little money. I end up saving most of them. This was a good time to spend some and the best time to surprise her. Usually, I shop with my parents so there's never a chance for a surprise. But now, I got an opportunity.

It was 30th April. My parent's wedding anniversary. I wished them as usual. Mom thought I had forgotten about it and came into my room singing 'Happy wedding anniversary tooo meee'. I think it was her way of telling me not to forget to wish my dad. I wished him too in my grumbling monotone (early rising isn't for me). Caught my bus, and was seated when this idea came out of nowhere. Why not buy roses for mom ? The place is nearby to where I work. She loves flowers !!

I went along with my friend Miss R and got a bouquet of roses. 5 dinars gone. But lets leave the money part since we are talking about feelings here...

I reached my compound, and was hoping she wasn't looking from the window. I didn't want her to see the flowers right then. Dhanya climbs stairs. Dhanya rings the bell. Mom opens door. Tadaaa. And I must tell you, the look on her face and the happiness that followed was totally priceless.... her little daughter had got her something at last. I realised I should have done this ages ago. At least a thank you for all the hard work she did at home and for putting up with all my tantrums. A thank you just to see that look on her face.

This post is for all those people who touched my life one way or the other. There are so many to list. I am a person who keeps things to myself most of the time. I show those feelings once in a while to prove I am human too. This is one such moment. I want to say thank you to all the special people in my life - amma, dad, chech, naksha, fatima, vinod, ammu kutty, ciby, deepak, rayhana, pradosh, rakhee, sumaiya, ershad, alden, godwin....... and to everyone who loves me for just the way I am. I want to tell you if I acted a little weird when you showed your appreciation, it's just that I am uncomfortable with compliments. But you can be rest assured, I did a lil dance inside. I know most of you might not even end up reading this post, but if you do.. that smile on your face would be simply worth it :)

PS : For those who are curious about what I gave my dad as wedding anniversary gift, I gave him my pay slip. That look was definitely worth it too ;)