Friday, April 06, 2007

The 'M' Word

What's with parents and marriage ?? The only thing I am getting to hear for the past of couple of days from mom is 'Dhanya, I checked this matrimony site today!!!!! This guy is from Palakkad district... he has got very good qualifications too. Come check!!!'

She is into browsing matrimonial sites with a vengeance. My mom being in front of the comp (with her humongous reading glasses) all day long is a bit hard to digest! Now she's spending hours searching for my perfect guy... thanks to dad. He taught her how to use it! I have been very cautious all these years by not teaching mom how to browse. I mean, who the hell wants to get married ? Especially to those freaks who have weird kinda pics displayed with a 'Wait till I get you' kinda expression!! Aaargh! Now dad spoiled it all!!

I end up telling mom I am not ready yet for marriage reasoning with her that I am too immature, kiddish and too thin (Keralite guys like fat keralite girls... sad, but true) . She tries advicing me -

'Now right time... blah blah....older guys later.. blah blah.... worried... blah blah....engagement now... blah blah.. marriage a year later... blah blah....maybe earlier than a year... blah blah... coz sis and cousins free then... blah blah blah'

Lots of blah blahs. Most of it I dont end up listening! But lil words here and there are enough to understand whats she saying. Being the ultra super-duper stubborn female I am, I refuse to budge.

She then tells me 'Ok, you can tell us when you think you are ready for marriage. Till then we are not searching Ok?'. That makes Dhanya happy!! :) I then think 'oh what wonderful, understanding parents I have!!! I love my lifeeee... I love my parents.....I love (etc etc.. you get the picture)'

But then, the next day I see the same scene when I wake up. Mom sitting in front of comp with her humongous reading glasses browsing matrimonial sites. Having completely forgotten what she agreed upon the other day, she turns to me and says -

'Dhanyaaaa, check this guy... he has good qualification.. and guess what ??? He's from Palakkad district!'

***ssiiigghh*** I Love my Mommy :)