Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Sound Track Of My Life

It would be a sin if I didn't dedicate at least one post to the only thing I am truly passionate about - music. Don't get me wrong. I can't sing to save my life. Just a mere listener. And what a listener at that! I can spend hours doing just that. Switching one CD after another, repeating songs that I like, and starting all over again. Turn the music on, and I automatically land up in my own little world. A beautiful world filled with music, love and just happiness. No unnecessary tensions, no sadness... just celebration of life!

There were times when people around me were hurting. The death of a person, an unexpected rudeness, disappointments as a result of exceeded expectations, and so much more. It was depressing. It was like being sucked out of all happiness. I only had to listen to music to calm me down and even smile a little in such trying situations.

When I was little, I couldn't understand why everyone in my family was so absorbed in music. What was so great in it ? The only type of music I used to like then were the fast, racy kind of music which you could dance to. The other kinds were of no importance. I remember I used to love the saat samundar paar number from Vishwatma. Whenever it came to TV, I used to get into action and start imitating Divya Bharati much to my mom's amusement.

Everyone in my mom's family were interested in music and excelled in singing - except yours truly! They all had a background in music. My grandmother sang carnatic music beautifully, my mom was (according to me) the world's best singer and my sister had the sweetest voice. And here I was with my croak. Mom used to comfort me with 'you sing songs from your heart'. But I still felt out of place whenever people asked 'Your mom sings, your sister sings, do you?'. I would just give them an embarrassed no. And they would look shocked which would make me blush even more (which is the reason I totally identify with Mumble in Happy Feet).

Then I decided I would take up Carnatic music for arts class in school. Well... not really. I wanted to take Home Science... but so did every other girl in school. An enraged Hindustani Music sir (who had an empty class) decided to take some of the girls away and put them in his class. Some of them he whisked away to learn Carnatic music. I was one among them. I landed up in Carnatic music class cursing everyone under the sun and blaming my own bad luck for never getting to know how to knit, stitch beautiful patterns and cook exotic dishes along with my friends. The classes were not tough mainly because I have heard my sister singing those ragas over and over again at home. I had a tough time controlling my voice. Used to go completely out of breath after taking a high note! But after enough training, I learned to control it better. Got straight A's. Still had my croaky voice. But like mom said, I just sang from my heart.

So there began my actual love for music. I realised music is much more than just foot tapping. I started listening to slow, meaningful numbers too. The first one being a Tamil number - Anjali from Duet. This time I didn't just want to listen or dance, but I wanted to sing along too. So I wrote the lyrics down and started singing much to my mom's amusement (again). She has always seen me dancing like Divya Bharati not singing some slow, romantic tune. The magic began then....

Music has the most miraculous effect on me. It can cure my headaches which even an aspirin cannot (really!), make me happy when am sad, can calm me down, make me feel hyper... in short, helps me in loving life. Its like a drug. And it has its side effects too. Like not taking food on time. If I start listening there's no stop. The only thing that makes me happy nowadays (other than buying clothes) is getting myself a music CD with all my favorite songs!!! Even though I listen to mainly Hindi songs, I enjoy almost any kind of music. Instrumental, Classical... anything! Except maybe those kinds where you cannot make out whether they are shouting, screaming, or actually singing.

It irritates me no end when people disturb me while I am listening to music. I am a hard core music addict. So next time you see me listening to music... ssshhhh!