Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Little Aunt

My sweet little niece is in grade 1 now and I do not even feel like an aunt. I do not even act like one! Two kids together.. you can imagine how it is. The usual understanding, pampering aunt is sadly missing here.

Niece : Podiiiii
Aunt : How dare you ? Podi to you too!!!
Niece : Ammaaammmaa!!!!!!!! Mema
(aunt in Malayalam) shouted at me!!
Aunt : Uh-oh

Ammamma (Her grandmother. Her only saviour) enters with 'the look' . I am sure most of you are familiar with how mothers are when they get upset over something. Yes! The lecturing starts...

Ammamma : How can you be so cruel to her ? She's a lil kid. She will get depressed ! She will think you don't like her!!..... (this continues for 10 minutes)
Aunt : But mom, she said 'podi' too !

Amma (Her mother) enters, again with 'the look'.

Amma : You said 'podi' to your aunt ? You are not supposed to say that to your elders... (This continues for 10 minutes. All part of motherhood!*sigh*)
Niece (sensing things are not going her way anymore) : She pinched me too!!!!
Aunt : Huh ? Liar!!!!
Niece : No no amma... she really did!!!!

Then, she does the most unforgivable thing. She starts crying! That single thing she does makes me the most evil, wicked aunt ever alive (in the eyes of my mother)!!
The lil tyke lies so much about me pinching her, that I started doing it whenever she goes over the top. But in the end, we always kiss and make up.

Niece : Mema , you are my best friend. You are like my sister. I love you memaaa
Aunt : Awww... Cho chweet *pinches naksha's cheek*
Niece : Ouch! That hurt... Ammaaaaaamaaaaa , mema hurt me!!!
Aunt: Uh-Oh
And the love-hate relationship continues....

But the funny thing is inspite of all the fights, she likes me best from the family. Grandma comes last even if she supports lil Naksha in everything she does. I guess, kids like people who are more their age (mentally.. at least). She even wholeheartedly agrees that I should not get married coz she feels she will never get to see me again after that.

We enjoy doing a lot of things together which include -
  1. Running around the house
  2. Dancing together
  3. Singing loudly together especially the 'Randakka Randakka' song from Anniyan.
  4. Fighting with each other (yeah, it can be quite enjoyable sometimes)
  5. Laughing together (for no reason at all!! )
It's really weird how can you can feel extremely happy by doing such small and simple things. We have completely forgotten how it is to be carefree, to just chill or relax. And it takes a small child to bring it all back to you.

It's true... happiness does come in small packages! :)