Saturday, April 28, 2007

Life At Work

At my new work place, everyone seemed to have got the first sight impression that I am a very intelligent girl who wouldn't need any training. That proved to be their first mistake. Yeah, you can explain things as brief as possible. The more brief you are, the more irritating I get. Asking 'Why? What? Where? How?' I can drive anybody nuts. It will continue in that manner until I am completely satisfied.

But yes, the brain goes missing sometimes. Especially after lunch. After mom's delicious home made grub, I have no energy left. My eyes go small and staring at the computer seems a big task. At that moment, my Tamilian co-worker with his cute accent tells me to press 'yeffi'. And I go even more blank. Now, I am a sorta person who cannot understand English if it has a little bit of accent involved - be it Arabic, American, British. Anything. I have to strain myself to understand what this guy is telling me every time he talks. Most of the time I just nod and smile without deciphering a single thing. He then repeats 'please press yeffi'

Dhanya (thinking) - 'Is he saying 'yeffa (F1) or yeffi (F5)?' (Quite stupid I know.. but I was feeling damn sleepy)

And I ask him that. He just sighed and pressed F5. Somehow I found that very funny and started laughing my heart out. Being the nice guy he is (thank God) he smiles and returns to his work.

Before you start feeling sorry for him... I am made the butt of jokes too!!! They are thinking of setting up a special mini fridge for me mainly coz I bring a lot of stuff from home. Juice, Flavoured milk, Cup Cakes, chocolates. I can't work with an empty stomach!

One smart ass has even made it a point to sing 'Chashme wali dafli bajaa' every time he enters the room. Now this character (lets call him Mr. M) makes fun of everyone. No one is spared by him... not even the Tamilian guy (lets call him Mr.T) ! Mr.M asks me everyday what I had for lunch and makes sad faces. If he thinks I am going to invite him for lunch, he's sadly mistaken. I do not like sharing my lunch. IT'S MINE! Ask for anything else, not my lunch!

Then there is this weird character Mr. D who most of my friends must be familiar with by now. He is the guy who eats expired products. Mr. D - 'You should fight fire with fire. All the thoughts are in your head. If you feel you are going to get sick, you will. And how can you say this product has expired by just looking at the date ? The packet of biscuits might still be edible, but the manufacturers just want you to buy another packet!'

Mr. D's favorite time pass is teasing me with Mr. S who is a big time flirt. Mr. S talks only to girls and according to Mr.D seems to be spending a lot of time in my department lately. He is also under trial for removing a screw from my chair...

The last two characters are Mr.P and Miss. R whose favorite time pass is commenting on how they can see smoke coming from my head whenever I am quiet (the time I am actually doing my work).

All of them tease and taunt me. But its nice in a way. Their way of showing I am now a part of their life at work.