Monday, April 02, 2007


It was a normal day. Everything going on as usual. I was playing around with Photoshop again, ignoring most of the stuff mom was telling me. Everything she was saying sounded like Chinese! That usually happens whenever I am really into something. She usually ends it with an 'Ok?' to which I answer 'Yes, ma' 'Ok, ma' 'Alright'. But today she asked the unexpected - 'Dhanya, what was I telling you?'


Since I am absolutely horrible in making excuses, I gave her my sweetest smile, turned on all my charm (if there's any)... and a 'Sorry I wasn't listening. What did you tell me to do?'. She gave me the most dreadful of glares possible and repeated the things she said. And with a 'hmmph' she walked away. It so happens whenever I am immersed in something interesting, I switch off completely any sound coming from any direction! It's no use talking to me then...

Ok, so I went back to my little business... and then the stupid phone rang! I picked it up.. said 'Hello'.. and *click* the person disconnected. That was very irritating! Anyway, no probs... I went back to doing what I was doing. After few hours, the phone rang again. There was no number shown because its usually like that when someone calls from India. Batelco services are really... awesome. Anyway, I said a hello. He said 'three hellos'. And this time I disconnected! :) I mean, when he first called how dare he hang up on Dhanya ?!

The person called and called for God knows how many times. Why didn't I pick the phone up ? I kind of suspected it was someone from india trying to make me a fool. I just didn't want to give em a chance! Then my dear friend 'Godu' comes online (I am using that name coz he absolutely hates it... which makes me happy) and I blabber to him whats happening. I tell him some useless person is calling me, blah blah blah. He acts extremely concerned. Then, he tells things to our mutual friend Alden, who also comes online and advises me to pick up the phone.

'Alright, next time I am really going to pick up the phone... bloody...' (Bad language.. I know! Please excuse me)

After 10 minutes, I get a call. I pick up the phone but didn't say anything. The person on the other side also keeps mum. Then finally I get a -

'Dhonya? A Happy April Fool's Day from Alden and Godwin'. (Huge laughter)

Inspite of being irritated, I had to laugh. I had sent an orkut email earlier that day mentioning the fools in my life and had mentioned Alden and Godwin in that. So they took it upon themselves to fool me instead... and they did a pretty good job. Coming online to chat, acting pretty well and probably laughing at me when I was telling them how irritated and pissed off I was with the missed calls.

Thank you guys. Hope you had fun. (Idiots)

Will have my revenge for sure!!