Monday, April 09, 2007

The Dreamer

When I am jobless, I usually end up searching for places which I would like to visit (maybe in my next janam). Since I am jobless most of the time, I have landed up with lotsa places!!! Yay me...!! And the prize goes to :-
Bahamas - Only to visit the Mayan Temple water slides! Just slide across the temple from a height of 60 feet -

And you will end up in a tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon :)

Bliss ! Awww... look at them. I am sure they must be having a rocking time freaking the hell out of people...

Now, why did I choose this one instead of considering other beautiful, lovely, romantic places like normal girls do ? Correct !!! Coz am abnormal! I would prefer doing something exciting. The more scarier the better even if it means sleepless nights for weeks.

The one thing I regret is not going for paragliding in Goa when there was a chance. Was too costly. About 1500 rupees! I had already spent most of my money on Goan jewellery, exotic Goan food, gifts for relatives back home. I didn't have enough money even to buy a cap to protect myself from the scorching sun. Ok, I did have the money (about 200 rupees left), but I had plans for it. I was thinking about stealing a cap from one of the guys anyway so why waste money on it ? And I did steal successfully :) Didn't even return the cap till the entire tour was over. Thanks Prasant if you are reading this!

Landed up not doing paragliding but DV will do it. She will do paragliding, scuba diving, and slide across Mayan Temple one day.... she hopes.