Sunday, April 15, 2007

Confession Time

  • I hate myself most of the time. I am a perfectionist and I hate that too!
  • I swear a lot nowadays and at everyone... from within.
  • I wait for everyone to sleep so that I can watch cartoons like Bambi in peace without getting embarrassed about it. I especially love the scene where Bambi says 'burd'.
  • I love baby food including cerelac. If I have a baby, the poor kid would die of starvation.
  • I do not like phone calls. The whole process of hearing a voice coming from nowhere freaks me out.
  • I used to dream of a DDLJ type love story in my life.
  • I refresh my orkut page atleast 10 times per minute everytime I log on until I get off. (Heights of loneliness)
  • I forgive but can never ever forget.
  • I love being idle - alone with my thoughts. But it kills me too.
  • I day dream about being a super star singer, rocking on stage with everyone dancing to my tunes.
  • I sometimes think about escaping from home, renting an apartment and leading an independent life of my own.
  • I have a thing for guys with specs.. dunno why.
  • I love everyone who smiles at me.
  • I think marriage is for people who have lived their life and have nothing better to do.
  • I have plans to hire a maid after my marriage (Heights of laziness)
  • I like you because you are reading this.