Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Changing Luck

This week has been very good so far. I attended two job interviews and got selected from both of them! After weeks of waiting for the right job, I ended up with one in a moderately good organization. Will be joining my new job from Saturday onwards. I hope I like it over there....

So its good bye to my old desk (rather big for me )...

The pic was taken on my first day, hence the emptiness. I used to love the place where I used to sit in Hempel mainly coz I can look at all the people entering the office (through the glass which you can see in the pic). Nice timepass when you have nothing to do! Look at people's dress sense, commenting silently (quite loudly if my Bahraini work mate is nearby). Make out who hasn't made it to office, and who did. You can get all the latest gossip circulating Hempel by sitting in my place. It was perfect ;)

Looking forward to my new place. And I hope I get a desk like this -

I am not asking for too much, am I ?

P.S - Special thanks to chechi for predicting I will land up with a good job soon. Thankooo :) I love you too!! (She has been complaining ever since I wrote I love my mommy in my blog entry -The M Word)