Friday, April 13, 2007

Butterflies in my stomach...

Try as much as I can, I just cannot ignore the sickening feeling which is going on inside me. The butterflies are at it again. And they are playing a nasty game. I am going to get into my new job tomorrow. There are a lot of questions in my mind. Even though, I do not get any answers I repeatedly keep asking them which makes the butterflies flutter even more!

The queries I am asking myself now, even when I am typing this - Will I like it over there ? Will I like my job , the people ? Will I get any friends, or will I be made to suffer the companionship of boring, old people ? And much much more.

This sort of thing only used to happen before exams when I was in school. In college, it was a totally different story because there were exams every other week be it internals or externals. The fear of exams vanished then. I could write an exam as if I was just attending another story writing competition, without any tension whatsoever, write all muck, come back home and relax.

Then, there were the project presentations. The number of butterflies were at its max. My first presentation ended up totally crap. The second presentation was slightly better. The third, went ok. Fourth, I was confident. The presentations went on, and the butterflies slowly disappeared.

I got my first job so soon that the butterflies didn't get much time to trouble me. But now, a one week period was enough for them to return with a bang!! Guess they will go once I am used to the whole process of job changing. Hope they all die and never trouble me again...

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  1. i understand u dan.. its jus like first day in school. mommy plzzz, i dont wanna go to school!! :(
    U'll soon get over it :)


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