Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Along came a spider ? Hmmm.. not really!

In a place, not so far away lived a villain. He was a sadist moron who found great pleasure in torturing the sweet little princess who lived nearby. He would try to provoke her with his evil words. But being the sweet, innocent little girl she is, she kept quiet. He even tried abusing her in her mother tongue -

Villain - Poda thendi (he was still trying to learn her language, hence making many mistakes..)
Princess - *silence*

Villain - You stay in a shitty place. My place is muchhh better!! Bwahahahha
Princess - *about to cry*

The princess would cry and cry.... but the villain did not stop. He loved swearing and would swear at anyone in his vicinity. He was a terror to everyone.

Villain - F*** off!
His lil servant (who made eggs and tea for him everyday) - dudeee.. let's smoke some weed instead..
Villain - OK :D

As you can see, the lil servant knew how to make the villain happy. But he was slowly getting tired of all this. He was a friend of the sweet lil princess and they both prayed very hard -

"Please God please. Please send a messenger from heaven who can teach this horrible rogue a lesson"

God was listening patiently. Then, one fine day.. he decided to send a messenger. The messenger was very small, only the size of a thumb... but very powerful. Powerful because it was the only thing God knew which could scare the villain. The messenger made its way towards the place where the villain was living. It sat near the window sill and looked inside.

The villain was on his comfy bed looking totally drunk. The messenger came closer and made itself visible. The villain was terrified! He ran all around the room, screaming for help. Ultimately, he decided to hide behind a pillow. The lil servant was very amused by all this. He knew this was the correct time to get back at this &^#*@&#. So he took a pic in his mobile (A very modern servant, this one).

Villain - What the f*** are you doing ???? Help me out here!!
Lil Servant - Ok.. cool it dude.. I will show that SOB...

The lil servant sprayed some stuff on the messenger. And it was gone. But the villain stayed in the same position for half an hour.. behind the pillow.

The servant, in the mean time, rushed to the sweet lil princess to inform what had happened.

Sweet Princess - This is it !!! I will post this pic in my blog ( A modern princess, this one) and show everyone he isnt as fearsome as he appears to be...!!

Every boy and girl saw this pic... and they giggled, chuckled, snorted. Since then, whenever the villain passed the streets, the kids said -

"Hey Villain!! The messenger is right behind you!!"

That was all that was needed to make the villain run for his life. No one was afraid of the villain anymore and they all lived happily ever after....

Oh yes, before you go! The sweet lil princess gave me the pic (showing the villain and the messenger) so that all of you can see it -

P.S : Even though the story is slightly exaggerated. Most of it is true! ;) And for those who still havent got it - the messenger is a BIGGGGG (the way he said it) bee...

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  1. swapna11:28 PM

    It wud hv been even more fun to see the sight in real... serves him (villian) right !! poor lil princess... what a torture he has been.. but now one knows how to fix that villian rt !! next time he will think twice b4 he utters something or else .. "buzzzzzzzzz" !! ha ha !!


  3. Godwin, are you saying that to my sis or me ?

  4. PS: all foul mouthed comments... are directed only... and only to one person, the owner of the blog. :)

  5. Very interesting piece. Ha ha ;) buzz buzz.. Enjoyed it! I really like the way you write.


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