Sunday, March 04, 2007

Now and Then...

I am at work. Completely jobless. Boss is in Saudi, which makes me even MORE jobless. I tried downloading e-books. But then realised the only good site (e-snips) that offers goodies for download is blocked here at office. Logged into messengers.... but no one online !! Even Orkut is blocked ! So you can guess, what I turned to next....

First of all, sorry to my millions and trillions of fans who eagerly wait every day (maybe even every minute) for me to post a new blog entry. I was just too lazy.... hmmm.... not exactly a good enough reason but I am sure all of you will identify with it!

Flashback - 2006

A friend suggested I write about how the past year - 2006 went for me. This is for you dear friend (if you are reading this)!

2006 in total was an average year. Had my share of good things and bad. Everything I had felt with intensity before, seemed just to die down.

The good thing that happened was I landed in Bahrain to be with my mom, dad, sis, niece all together at the same time! It has been really long since we all got together. We (mom, sis and me) keep having our share of silly fights whenever we are together. But eventually, these fights help in getting us closer together.

Then the boredom started creeping in. I would go to sleep at 5 A.M and get up in the afternoon. My timings were becoming eratic. The only enjoyment I used to get were from my neighbour's place where I got to meet people more my age. This was the time I realised I should start looking for a job. I was just wasting away! I would look in the classifieds every day. And they were all looking for one thing which I didnt have - experience ! So all those ignorant people who thought getting a good job in the gulf is super easy... it is, but only if you have minimum 2 years experience.

There were times when I felt like going back to India after various unsuccessful attempts. Then, finally I got a job.. out of the blue. I am really thankful to the people for giving me an opportunity... I guess, I was really REALLY lucky!! Another lesson learnt - God is always listening to you, keep praying ! He will give you what you want if you are really honest.

Current - 2007

I am at my work place where people keep pampering me coz I am the youngest. I get a reasonable salary for a newbie. I am staying with my parents! What else can I ask for ??? Hmmm... wait wait... yeh dil does maange more ! ;)