Saturday, March 31, 2007

Notes To Myself

I recently got a book from a person I know. It's called 'Notes To Myself' by Hugh Prather. My first impression when I started reading the book was 'What the hell ? How can this be an enjoyable read?'. It didn't seem like anything I have read before. I am so used to a diet of books that contain the usual syntax and semantics that I almost forgot there existed other kinds of books too. I went back to the front cover, just to see if I missed anything.

"Read it as if you wrote it and use it as a road map of life. Then write your notes and heal your life" - Bernie S.Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine and Miracles.

Thats what I missed! I started reading the notes again with this viewpoint and it did turn out to be interesting.

After the read, here are some notes which I made to myself :

It's ok to be spend some time alone. I will take time to listen to myself! Most people can't suffer silence. Why ? My God of knowing is trying to tell me something. I won't block it out with all the noise.

Doing the right things mean doing the things I believe are right. Otherwise,I will remain untrue to myself and hence, can never be happy.

I do not regret anything that has happened to me. Regretting things and brooding over it can only hold me back and affect my present as well as my future. I have to move ahead and take things as it comes.

I find great happiness in giving love even to those people who least deserve it. I will give as much as I can, but I will never expect anything in return. Expectations can lead to disappointments.

Before criticizing others, I will try to understand from their point of view. No two people's thoughts are the same. I have to understand that each person has his own unique way of looking at things and I should learn to respect that.

Making notes can help you understand your own fears, dilemmas and overcome them. Your notes can act as a starting point for personal exploration or even better off - a treasury of thoughtful reminders!