Friday, March 30, 2007

Deathly Hallows

It's time for my most favorite character to resurface again after a long time. Yes, a two year gap can be a pretty long if you are just dying to know what is going to happen to Harry Potter and his friends. Will Harry survive his encounter with Voldemort ? One thing is for sure. Not many people want him to die (except those anti-Harry people. I just have one thing to say to such people... and that is... GO TO HELL ! and STAY THERE!!)

I have never spend so much on a book before. Paid almost 700+ rupees last time for the half-blood prince. But I got it anyway, coz my birthday was coming up and I didn't want anything else for a present! Here I am again, waiting for July 21 2007... and I have already decided what gift I want ;)

The cover of the final book is already out. The American version is given below :

Now, I wonder why he has his hand stretched out like that. But he definitely looks better in this one as compared to the Harry Potter shown in the British children's version cover in which you can see a buck-toothed Harry! :

The adult version cover looks fantastic with the black background and the Slytherin locket.

The flip side shows the pretty J.K. Rowling (bearing a striking resemblance to Steffi Graf) who looks content on finishing her final book declaring it as her personal favorite.

For all the Harry Potter fans, it would be a bittersweet moment when the book gets released on 21st July considering there will be no further books in the series. But everyone should own a copy of this magical book rather than borrowing it from someone because it is simply priceless.

Even if you have read it, you will definitely feel like reading it later on. And the experiece would be the same.. you will feel the same excitement, horror, happiness as you did the first time. I can confidently say so because I have read each Harry Potter book atleast 3 times and now I feel like reading them all over again!!!

Only some books can totally capture you and I hope that JKR or any author brings about such books in the future too.

If you feel like getting some extra info, visit JKR's official website in which she clears out weird rumours regarding her books. Some of them are extremely funny! Go check it out!