Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Little Alone

There are times when you feel you are a good-for-nothing. You hope the phase passes. A 'I understand' from anyone will work wonders for you. But it remains unsaid. Instead, you get told you are wrong. Maybe you are. But nevertheless, you look for a little consolation. If you don't, you still keep looking.. from anyone.. even from the most unexpected people. Then, by chance even if you get a little comfort and care, you start thinking you are not a good-for-nothing after all.

In my case, I have very few people who comfort me when I am depressed. VERY few. That would include my parents. No one can comfort me like my mom does, no one can understand me like her. The kind of care you are looking for can only come from your parents, coz they never see your behaviour as shameful. You will forever remain their little, sweet angel. And I have learnt (maybe the hard way) that you cannot expect this behaviour from anyone else.

So in case you are feeling alone, depressed, worthless.. just take time to talk to your parents. You will realize you are a precious gift who no one can replace. That all your worries about yourself are just pointless, coz you realize you are special. That only your parents can love you unconditionally for what you are...