Thursday, June 08, 2006


Whenever I read a newspaper or even a magazine.. there will be a huge ad waiting which almost shouts at me to do LASIK treatment. The first thing that goes in my mind - 'Would it be painful?'. Then since, I would not be undergoing the treatment anyway, the answer would likely be 'I am sure it is, and it is sooo expensive'. The fact is, I want to try it out. But it is a permanent change. So there is the fear inside, which is getting on the way. And the fear is justified, coz contacts did not work for me. The vision was better when I used glasses. Maybe coz of the mixture of astigmatism and myopia..

The next detail I usually search for is whether this treatment holds for a mixture of both eye disorders that I have. Well, it did.. it can cure myopia ranging from minus 1 to minus 20 diopters(!) and astigmatism too upto 8 diopters. So that problem is solved. And there is no pain involved it, just redness and irritation after the treatment. And you are not supposed to rub your eyes or splash water into them for weeks..! Yes! The last detail gave me enough reason ( scared cat! ) to not do LASIK... I mean how can you live without splashing water into your eyes ? And what if something gets into your eyes.. you might be just dying to rub your eyes coz of the irritation !!!! And anyway, people have recommended me to use specs instead, because when I am not using them my eyes enlarge and look as if they are going to explode ( maybe coz I cant see without them...I am blind without them ,really)...

Anyway, even if you want to do LASIK its available in India. And the best treatment is at Kochi I think which costs about 25,000 rupees. Yeah! Go do it ! Gain cofidence ! Gain beauty! Gain .. what not.. by doing LASIK. Silly advertisements!