Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Here I am after a busy month. College is almost over. Having completed all my backlog, I am once again free to think of all the things best left unconsidered. Right now I am thinking about my height. Being only 5'2 isn't exactly satisfying to someone who wishes to stand tall in everything. Thats not practically possible, but what irks me is that almost everyone can physically look down on me and I stand looking at them as if they resemble a giraffe when the truth is these people are of 'standard' height. I am the small one here.

Almost anyone tall ( I am talking about women ) can enter into a room and catch attention, whether they are slim or fat. And it shows an attitude which screams of self respect so much so that you dont often see men behaving badly with such women. People won't treat you as a small cute little girl who deserves a chocolate whenever she becomes angry or sad. Blah ! Maybe I ought to try one of those chappals they advertise on Teleshopping network. Just by wearing them, they do some kind of jadoo on your legs that you automatically gain height in a matter of days.