Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Positive Energy Stimulator

Feng Shui. Though the word is unknown to many Keralites, most of them are firm believers of it. They feel furniture has to be arranged in such an order to avoid bad luck. Feng Shui, but, does not induce any bad luck. But there are many popular myths about it. One such scam is about it bringing us a lot of money. Feng Shui is practised just for the sheer purpose of bringing us positive energy, to feel good about ourselves. It is said to bring a balance to our busy , unscheduled life.

My mom had bought a golden frog and a golden statue ( a bald man with a big tummy holding his hands up as if he was lifting something). Dont know if they have any special kind of name. But we later found out that they are part of Feng Shui. They were to be kept in special positions. My mom got scared and gave it away. Now she is happy. Kind of weird that a thing which is supposed to make you feel happy, made mom so tensed and worried when it was with her. Now, when its no longer with her, she is so much more at peace with herself.

My friends also bought chinese bells which looked 'oh-so-pretty' to me. Then I came to know they are also... yes, yes... a positive energy stimulator. I feel its all in the mind. If you believe that positioning such things in the so-called right positions can make you feel happy, then you will definitely will. How ? Coz you have programmed your mindset to think like that. You believe everything will go right from now on just coz you follow Feng Shui. Feng Shui will set everything right. Feng Shui will protect me from all evils. Feng Shui will make me happy !! Won't such thoughts make you feel happy ? By feeling protected, you are bound to feel happy!