Monday, April 17, 2006

Life or Meth

It is on rare occasions that I sit to watch the Oprah Winfrey show and today was one such day. She discussed about the effect of Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine) on people of all ages. Chatel Dean is just 18 and she had already experienced the 'happy' world of the crystal drug. This drug which can be taken orally or even injected, is supposedly the most dangerous drug in America. Everyone who had taken it said they got addicted from the first shot itself. Chatel started taking the drug coz her friends told her to do so, and she just wanted to give them company. She didnt want to be left alone. She didnt want to stand apart from her friends. Even worse, she did not have the courage to say 'No'. Its tragic how children from good families fall prey to such things.

She finally decided for rehab and is fine now except for her mood swings and her bickerings with her mom. Normal teenage problems. The next person who recovered was a 35+ woman with a teenage son. This American, got bored of her marriage, found a new partner who was a crystal Meth addict and together they enjoyed very many fun filled( and Meth filled) evenings. She , like Chatel, thought it would be very easy to venture away from the drug only to realize the fatal truth later. Whats even more pitiful, is that her son who realized his mom enjoyed what she did, started taking the drug himself. The boy went into rehab first and recovered much before his mom did ! The irony of the situation was that the addicted mom took her addicted son to the rehab first. When the boy was getting counselling inside the hospital, his mom would rush outside in order to get a puff of the drug. She was that addicted. When asked if he thought if his mom was a hypocrite, he readily said 'yes!' much to the embarrassment of his mom.

What leads people to take such drugs? I think its mostly curiosity. What does it feel like ? Next, they dont want to be left out. So whatever their friends do, they do too. It takes real courage to say no to such things. That too, to your friends. Even after all the advises, people still do drugs. They just want to enter an unknown world with no sorrows, no pains, no happiness... no feelings whatsoever. And the truth is no one gains from this. Not you, not your family, not your friends. Life or Meth ? Choose life. Say no to drugs!