Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Goan Dreams

Just back from Goa.. ( yeah, I am always back from something or the other since the past few posts ). Had a verrryyy good time.. except for the last day. The trip mostly included visiting beaches and most of my cash went down on hogging. Almost felt like I had visited Goa just to eat. I ate a lot of things, which I wanted to eat. All the unhealthy food actually. Street food. The pani puris, bhel puris tickled my taste buds to no end. Actually, I want to eat pani puri right now just to get the bittersweet taste back into my mouth.

The beaches reminded me of the beaches at Bahrain except that I never used to let the Bahrain sea water touch my hair. Thats not the only reason. My parents never allowed me to play intimately with the sea. The sun in Goa treated my skin very badly. My mom told me I look like if I had been painted black and white. Black from face to neck , hands and white elsewhere. And oh yes.. I forgot about one more difference from Bahrain beaches. The nude people. Ugh!

I went to visit one St.Francis church too. I like the feeling associated with churches. Very peaceful and holy. Not like visiting temples where the atmosphere is always conjusted. People are always in a rush. Rush to pray and see the statue of God first. Rush to leave the temple first. I dont feel like a Hindu at all. And a girl in my class also told me I dont look like one. She told me I look more like a Christian. Maybe whats on the mind, reflects on the features too. Hmmm....

I wanted to experiment with my food. Wanted to eat more Goan food. I have heard its very spicy. The only thing I ate was crab and I had difficulty eating coz of no prior experience. Rest of the time I had to make do with South Indian food coz everybody else was having it.

The last day (5th day) I felt quite moody coz I was returning home. I might never get the chance again. I will never get to go anywhere again with my friends. And all the songs and games took place on the last day when I was feeling least interested. And all the noise made me feel like crying out loud " WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE SO HAPPY?!!?!? IT'S THE LAST DAY OF OUR TOUR" ... but being the nice girl that I am, I just kept shut and cried instead. Hence, spoiling someone else's mood too. The only highlight of the day was meeting a small cute girl (prerna) who tried her best to ignore me, but failed at last. We started blabbering in baby talk and at last she gave me one of the sweetest smiles I have ever seen.

These are only *some* of my experiences. Whatever I did, I enjoyed. Even if it was just watching and seeing others enjoy ( except for the last day... ) . Would sum up my tour as follows :

Happiness - 90%
Sadness , anger- 10%
loneliness - 0% ( I dont feel alone at all, even if I have no company.. )