Wednesday, April 26, 2006

5 Things

5 things I like about my dad :

1. He doesnt rest until he gets something right
2. He's never lazy (unlike me)
3. He is always pampering me
4. He is very friendly.. all my friends in Bahrain used to like him
5. His chubbiness

5 things I like about mom :

1. Her communication style... she can inflict her thoughts on anyone !!
2. Her interior designing ( not a profession, just a hobby )
3. Her taking my side whenever me and my sister have a fight !
4. The amount of love she has for her sisters and brothers... ( though I feel they dont return the same amount of love )
5. Her singing.. she used to sing in Kerala Samajam in Bahrain. She gave it up shortly after having me.. nevertheless, she is still the main attraction in parties. But being the showgirl, she needs the extras - the mic, background music, the works. Otherwise, she refuses to sing !

5 things I like about sis :

1. She goes extreme in whatever she does.. whether its loving or hating. There are no neutral feelings for her.
2. The way she carries herself. I always looked up to my sis. In the looks department, I compare everyone with my sister and they fail to make a mark. She isn't the typical fair Indian girl. Her complexion is dusky. But her features are perfect. Big eyes, nice smile! She also has the 'I will hit you if you mess with me' kind of attitude which I simply adore :))
3. Like dad, she too is extremely friendly
4. The way she takes care of me. I remember a baby video in which we both were in a swimming pool. Her friends were around too. I was using a tube. Wherever she went, she used to drag the tube ( with me in it ) with her. And then I got bored, she started making some weird movements in water to make me laugh. Whenever I see the video, I fast forward to see that particular scene coz I find it so touching. Also, whenever me and mom end up in a fight, I would start crying... and she would start crying too, and comfort me at the same time...
5. She loves expanding my wardrobe !!