Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back Home ... Finally !

Project work is almost complete. My guide seems to be having hallucinations about how much me and my batch mates have completed coz he keeps thinking we have completed more than he has thought. Then he zaps back to reality and he utters the magic words 'If you complete this blah blah too, ur project will be almost done'. Oh.. let me correct that ! Those words used to be magic words. It does not have the same effect anymore coz he keeps repeating it and we.. poor souls.. keep believing him.

So I finally decided I had to go back home.. for a much desired break. Studying for GTC till 2 am and then waking up at 8 is not my cup of tea. Yeah yeah, I am getting the needed 6 hours sleep. But people who know me will be startled about how less I am sleeping nowadays. And before you get me all wrong, let me correct you. I have not been cutting classes.. rather my batch mates wont come due to their own personal reasons. We will all be getting back tomorrow.. on Saturday.