Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fundamental Theorem of Life

After studying the fundamental theorem of Arithmetic in Number Theory, I was wondering why we have to study all this when we havent been even able to understand what the fundamental theorem of life is. Well, for me .. life isnt so complex. There are just three basic elements - Ok, Good and bad. And this 'ok' part of life spans most of the days. We feel our day was 'ok' when we cannot decide if its either good or bad like its the case for all my exams. All are ok for me, coz I cant decide if I wrote it well or not....

For some people, there are no 'ok' days .. well, lucky them. They are not so confused about life, like I am. I think a day was ok even if it was pretty good... coz nothing bad happened. So if nothing bad happened, it must have been a good day right ? But when someone asks me 'how was your day ?' I say 'It was ok'.... Why ?? Maybe coz I am expecting something more.. dont we all ? We are so greedy for more, we dont even keep count of the good things that have happened. So unless something really good happens ( and I mean REALLY REALLY good) we try to act like unsatisfied ungrateful people and say things like 'It was ok.. '