Sunday, December 04, 2005

Time travel

Ever wished to go back in time and rectify your mistakes, or do things in a better way ? I have always wanted to do that.. If you had a fight, you can just go back in time, and change ur past such that it never happened.. if you are going to flunk in an exam, then study better, go back to the moment when u were writing the exam, write it better and come back to the present.. wow ! That would be something...

It would be so much better if we could manipulate time according to our own needs.. play around with it. Yeah, I am getting greedy here, but today I got a little hope while watching tv. A scientist said it is possible to go back to your past, and also into the future. Here, the time machine is created not in the form of a box or anything which u can get into.. but a number of laser beams. It is said that lasers can change the orientation of the space you are in. And since space is related to time ( according to Einstein's theory ) it is possible to change time too. These lasers arrange space and hence, time in the form of a loop, so you can go from present to past, past to future, future to the present. Of course, this has not been implemented successfully yet.

What is kind of weird is that scientists got the idea of developing a time machine when they saw a 'super man' movie. Super man just goes round and round the earth, rotating the earth in the opposite direction so as to move back time. He did this to save his girlfriend :). So this got the scientists to think. What the super man did was not entirely rubbish, they said. It is possible to time travel if one moves in the same speed as light. Which is not possible at all.. but then they say its possible. Mad scientists. How can anything or anyone travel in the speed of light ? I am better off than them... hmmph... But whatever it is, I hope they do invent a time machine fast. And make it available at a cheap rate. So we normal people can use.